Friday, 31 July 2015


The heart is yearning for affection at the height of the summer and this will manifest possibly in a new romance, a rekindling with an old flame, or a further commitment.   After 25th do not be surprised if some situations, however, come to the fore, make sure you keep your head despite all the enthusiastic optimism that is in your heart.  Obligations may take up a lot of your time this month but are necessary to retain a productive motion.  Small household repairs or improvements may be undertaken. 

You may face some issues within your existing relationship, these issues are only temporary but you are likely to be the cause, due to your tendency to criticise and through a lack of understanding.  This is a time when you are on the move and will have lots of ideas, doing your best to persuade others, whilst burning a lot of intellectual energy in the process.  This is a good time for exchanges, negotiations and presentations as long as you do not rush into things or take risks.  If you remain diplomatic and tenacious you will achieve a lot. 

Let your natural talents shine, your quick and inventive wit and manual dexterity is at an all time high.  Passion causes sparks in the mind and seduction can take place through long conversations emails, or walks under starry skies, it is all about sweet words and sensuality for Gemini’s. Studying, design work, passing on information, writing, translating or accounting, your intellectual creativity has no limits during this time.   Nothing can curb your optimism and your sense of humour makes you the main attraction at parties and get-togethers. You have more physical energy that is boosted at this time of year, avoid excesses at all costs. 

July will be an emotionally exciting and passionate time; it is a month when you feel a spark of confidence and courage that inspires you to go where you have not been to before.   Your instincts are strong and may lead you to discover new experiences and take the initiative.  You may suffer from some impatience that could get you into a few exchanges or quarrels.  On the positive side you will not be afraid of obstacles or shy away from confrontation, having a lot of stamina, ingenious ideas and efficient strategies up your sleeve to out manoeuvre others.  July can be generous financially; it rewards your efforts and could bring unexpected benefits. 

Affection, attention and to be in centre of someone’s attention makes you feel alive and gives you a strong instinctual drive, allowing you to be open when it comes to expressing your feelings.  Some events may be related to the past, not only old loves, but also old issues that weren't solved have the opportunity to be resolved during this term.   Attention to home and family is also a strong part of your focus, with help from close ones you can achieve a lot without great effort and this can bring on an advantageous turn of events.  This is a time of analysing and strategising for the months ahead.

July brings a tranquil time when you can enjoy some gentle happiness, away from prying eyes.  It is an opportunity to analyse your needs and expectations with sincerity and also to make an effort to make your loved one happy.   Socially you can be in demand if you wish to be, partaking in many group activities that are likely to get you noticed within a professional circle.  Either way, you make a strong impression on others, who see you as an authority in some field.   You will have a lot of energy this month that could at times make you feel reckless, make sure that you rest more and give yourself more space. 

Feelings could influence your career choices and your partner could support you or may oppose you, if the latter this may give rise to challenges, tensions or conflicts.  During this time, emotional aspects entwine with social or professional ones for Librans. When it comes to your career there could be an emphasis on education, communication and work related trips, you have a lot of determination and nothing can stand in your way when you have set an objective for yourself.  The public this July absolutely loves you, giving you the ability to gather around you people that can support your projects and ideas. 

Some of your wildest romantic dreams might come true this month, making your love life full of satisfaction or someone close could achieve special things that might also benefit you.   You may be looking at making a relationship official in some way.  Success, opportunities and benevolence from bosses and figures of authority help you not only professionally but also socially, putting you in the spotlight.  Keep an eye on your health, issues may arise unexpectedly, or be uncommon by their nature.  An excellent time to study an area that interests you - this is time for some self cultivation. 

Solitude does not suit you at this time, mixing with society and hanging out with friends gives you the outlet that you desire right now.  You have an urge to share and are attracted to others that have a similar view on life, values and convictions.  Travel is likely to occur whether it is with your loved one or you meet someone abroad and this is very significant for you emotionally.  Long distance collaborations could be crowned with complete success.  Money may preoccupy your thoughts motivating you towards an interest in business, funds and loans.  Interactions with businesses, banks, insurance and other financial institutions are more important in July. 

There is a taste for new things and a change with the way you react to others at the moment.  You are more prompt and immediate; your actions are courageous, events and situations decisive. It is you that has the spark to be the initiator, taking the first steps then waiting for things to happen in their own due course.  You could feel urgency within that may make you slightly impulsive at times and the result of this is a risk of conflict.  Patience and talking things through with another to avoid misunderstandings will make sure that all runs smoothly.  By the end of July you will be re-evaluating your career and solutions will be found. 

If you're already committed to another then your love life is full of harmony and cheer, you achieve things together. If you are single the chances are that you will meet someone, although things may not be as they initially seem upon first meeting.  This is a busy month for you and fortunately you have the mental capacity to be able to deal with all that comes your way.  Speed does bring an element of stress however the productivity achieved will be rewarding.  Contracts and collaborations will be beneficial and you can gain financially during this time.  The social scene beckons and can provide a lot of fun this summer. 

Your adventurous spirit knows no bounds at the moment increasing in turn your romantic drive.  The need for something new and exciting is strong and you are likely to be the one to take the first steps in any liaison.  Mid July becomes active and prosperous for you marking the beginning of a term with interesting and important developments.   Priorities need setting even if you are on a roll financially and goals may need adjusting possibly re-examining collaborations.  Keep an eye on your health this summer, make sure you are adequately hydrated and have plenty of rest.  Your creations inspire others, so do not shy away from success, get out there and prepare to launch.