Sunday, 9 August 2015


Grand changes are upon you this August and it is a time to expect the unexpected, this can bring a stimulating month for you on all levels; the spirit of adventure draws you.  Professional tasks you will find easier to administer as you have more tenacity to see things through.  Money will flow your way and collaborations with another may benefit you financially.  You are bursting with energy right now and you will need a physical outlet, pouring yourself into something you are passionate about, will allow you to shine.  As times are transient and changes are upon you take your time to make important decisions.

There are a few communication issues that have remained unresolved until now, there is an air of reality waking you up and even if you have felt that influence to be slightly frustrating it can lead you to undertaking wiser decisions - this reality call will be present until mid September.  On the love front after 11th August you will benefit from increased passion and intensity within your relationship.  This is a time of re-evaluating and analysing your environment and major goals, you will benefit from reorganising and preparing for the future, building on what you already have instead of beginning anything new.

This long hot summer places your happiness on the home, family, sharing interests and investing in the long term.  Open communication is essential right now with your loved one and will prevent misunderstandings but also will pull you together to create an unstoppable force.   Your mind is direct, strong giving you the ability to negotiate with a cool head and a lot of tact.  If you find yourself over thinking a situation it is best to distract yourself from it and put it on the back burner, this will prevent negativity from arising.  Above all you will find much comfort in sharing your world with another.

August 2015 promises to be an important month in regard to relationships, more than likely any issues will be cleared up, within an existing relationship, perhaps even overcoming an obstacle or fear that has lain dormant.  This is a time in which you can gain a lot, spend a lot or invest a lot – there are issues relating to finances where high financial stakes and joint action are the topic and could dictate changes related to career or status.    This is a good time to get informed, learn and do conceptual work and written as well as oral expression.  Stress will have a direct effect on your moods and will play an important role in how your body functions so make sure you are on top of a relaxation strategy.

Love and relationships are in the spotlight and August 2015 could produce situations from which you have something to learn so that you as a couple are able to work better in the future, or prepare you to make a decision or choice.  Arguments affect you more than you realise so evaluate your relationships with patience, modesty and wisdom before you make any final decision.  There is a need with Mars entering Leo on 9th August for action and for taking the initiative, as you take on new projects others start to reveal themselves, inundating you with work.  You will benefit from exercise right now to combat your desire for excess as you could be tempted to overindulge.

Objectivity is your salvation when it comes to love relationships that seem distant or unknown generating frustration and obstacles for you.  Patience is the key from mid August to mid September. This is an important year for you, where efficiency and achievements allow progress to become visible step by step.  New horizons will be revealed that bring development, progress and fulfilment, including financial gain.  However, be careful with your finances during September this is a time to avoid splashing out and you will benefit more from saving.  All things in moderation will bring happiness and good health at this time.

You may feel attracted to someone notorious or of good status this summer, perhaps your career becomes connected to your relationships in some way.  You find stimulation at the moment by socialising with acquaintances or having an audience to entertain.  There could be a few surprises, however, and not all will go to plan, you could also change your own mind at the last minute and do an about turn.  This is a good time to reawaken older projects that were put on hold especially if they involve intellectual pursuits as you have the energy to push something through to manifestation – in fact nothing can stop you once you make up your mind.

The most sensitive, delicate and important aspects of your relationship with another are highlighted this month.  This time is destined for analysing and the things you will go through, even if they are not always pleasant, are meant to help you better understand where you are and what you really want.  Collaborations and associations could allow you to express your talents and creativity whilst increasing popularity and success, an offer from the past may resurface again.   This is a time to be moderate in your spending.  Monitor your health closely until the end of September and make sure you take time out for you – put your needs first and then you will have the energy to help others.

Lately, the weeks have been characterised by complex and significant love life events, however, it is time now for the conclusions or resolutions that follow.  It still may not be a smooth time as all becomes more transparent to the rest of the world.  Events are set to occur within your career between 7th and 27th August orienting things in the direction that you would like them to go.  Grand projects, developments and luck will be by your side until September 2016, opportunities and openings will be plenty allowing you to facilitate progress, achievements and success.  Now is the time to go full speed ahead, because in August you can make great progress, knowing financial rewards will come soon.

You may feel that you have limiting options with regard to your love life, a restriction on your ability to act with ease and from this complications can arise and worries towards your partner.  There is a part of you that aims for perfection and this can make it harder for your loved one to approach you as you worry about small things that you wouldn't have paid attention to at other points in your life.
Having said this, August 2015 is good for analysing delving in deeper into your loved one's psychology enabling you to know and understand them better.  Basically you find yourself feeling stressed, the key is to not rush into anything, especially if things appear complicated.  Take time to relax and do not dwell on negativity as this can feed your restlessness.  Reading, travelling and coming into contact with spirited people that have wide cultural horizons will life your spirits.

Balance and harmony could be hard to hold onto this month due to complications or changes in direction to do with relationships old and new.  Working towards common action, compromise and adaptability will serve you well at this time.  August 2015 is auspicious for finalizing an older or more difficult project, maybe to set up new long term strategies.  After August 11th there are financial opportunities that will you will be able to capitalise upon and this influence is set to last a whole year bringing an element of security to your life.  There is a predisposition toward tension throughout the month so make sure you realise when your are becoming too wound up and take corrective action.

Romantic offers and opportunities surround Pisces this August.  Perhaps even a romantic liaison with a co-worker is on the cards.  Clearing up an issue that you may have had with regard to studies or culture could open the creative doors for you allowing you to resume work on an older project.  You have a lot to do professionally so you planning your responsibilities carefully are the keys to progress. It is time to renew, initiate, or reorganise strategies.  Work with others to achieve your goals and dreams and make sure that you are looking after your own needs before ‘giving’ too much away, top your own reservoir up first.