Wednesday, 16 September 2015


This is a strong and extremely positive time for you with a lot of support being shown from others for your ventures.   If you have a business, it is a good time to focus on the introduction of new ideas, perhaps if you have been thinking about expansion then this is the time to put a plan together.  Set yourself targets and communicate with work colleagues - it is all about open communication.  Your energy levels are high and it is important to have an outlet so this is an ideal time for physical activities.  Be active in love, visit places together, take up a sport together – varied activities will put back a sense of fun.  By mid October the lid will be taken off financial restraints. 

September for you is a month of restraint, economically, it is a stable time but not an indulgent one.  Focus on urgent problems and devote yourself to your work and it will pay off in the future, complications will demand inventive solutions and you will rise to the challenge, in doing so, you may discover a hidden talent within or a solution that can be used by many.  By September 18th any trouble you may have experienced where relationships or debt is concerned will be leaving you, restrictions and obstacles are history and if they do raise their heads it will be only temporary.  Love life is set to get back on track.  Issues to do with property or working spaces are resolved.  Watch your diet and take care of your body.

Family life and home are priority for you right now and you will feel compelled to anchor yourself more firmly in this area.  You will generally lean towards serious, thoughtful and reliable individuals.  Over the past three years you may have felt restrictions or constraints in your field of work, now is the time to relax a little as you take a moment to redefine your objectives.  By the beginning of October there will be opportunities to earn more money all related to using your intellect, information and communication.  Starting an exercise regime is something you are considering – perhaps it is time to take action as your energy levels are stronger than they have been for a while.

Be proactive, work to resolve problems one by one so that they are cleared straight away, concentrate and do not doubt your abilities.  Although the pathway may be strewn with a few thorns you will have the vitality to cut them out of the way.  You do not have the luxury of taking your time; it is the moment to be decisive, acting quickly, responsibly but also deliberately.  You may feel that you have certain restrictions put upon you but this is beneficial in allowing you to build a solid and durable foundation that will stand the test of time.  Changes you desire will be implemented slowly, in a controlled, strategic and well planned way, a situation is resolved.  

If something was stuck and felt unable to be resolved then you will be pleased to know that all complications will become unravelled allowing clarity to resume.  When it comes to your love life this is not the time to rush in where angels fear to tread but to go slowly and take your time, do not get caught up in the heat of the moment, enjoy yourself, but let important decisions sit on the back burner until the dust settles.  The driving force towards your work is money and you will feel compelled to put a lot of energy into this area of your life.  You have a lot of physical energy this month and this will help you achieve your goals.

It is all about getting your house in order, check your expenses, pay off your debts, sort out paperwork.  Others will be drawn towards you at this time and your home and family moves into the frame becoming an important part of your decision making process.  You will wish to either begin a relationship or take one to the next stage.  There is a desire to make things that last, you want to lay down roots, however, you could see things more as you wish to see them rather than as they really are.  This is a beneficial time for you when it comes to your professional life and you will seek to make the necessary changes to climb the ladder of success.

The Autumn is a breath of fresh air to you when you are making exciting plans for the future and the present is full of fun and lust for life.  Change is in the air and so are pleasant surprises of all kinds.  You feel ‘you’ again the extrovert side is coming forth making you feel ready for taking the initiative and action.  The social scene you are involved in is a rich experience and your popularity returns.   There is the possibility for new contracts or beneficial collaborations to come to the fore and the financial restrictions of the past few months are leaving you.

Your feelings are unleashed, passions are high and inhibitions are blown away due to the intensity of your emotions.  You may find that you become involved with someone who is in authority or has some kind of power.  Steer clear from those that like to gossip and do not get wrapped up in another’s drama as this is a distraction you could well do without.  There is a rumbling of ambition growing inside and if you manage your resources carefully this month you will be able to advance in the direction that is calling you.  Look after your nervous system and make sure you take enough time to relax.

These are fiery times and although you wish to live in harmony and peace, there are unavoidable upheavals that have to be negotiated through first.  Long distance relationships are not out of the question.  Unexpected events are likely but if you view them with positivity and rise to the challenge that they present you will be able to turn situations to your advantage.   On17th September there may be a delay and something may be put back a couple of weeks, use this time to review.  Financially things are on track, so do not become too impatient, relax more and go with what is, nothing stays the same, eventually the road will light up and you will be able to see the way.

Relationships seem to be undergoing a transformation which is generally tense and almost at crisis point.  Misunderstandings seem to be commonplace at the moment.  Finances could be a reason for some of the tension.  After the total eclipse on 28th September you will be able to decipher some secrets and gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s drives.  There could be a change in your career, you will be interested in education, studying and linking this with travel.  Approach one issue at a time and watch your diet and health as tense situations could take their toll.  Patience and calm is the key. 

September brings clarity for you particularly in the sphere of relationships, any complications that appeared recently will slowly flow away presenting a clearer picture, realising what it is you truly desire and how to go about it.  You are entering a new phase, one that is productive still but more relaxed.  Money is more readily available to you and collaborations and contracts are beneficial.  Approach everything with calmness and focus and slowly the tension of the past will literally leave your body.  Avoid excesses and keep balanced - that includes avoiding the temptation to overspend.  Take the middle path and you can’t go wrong.

Fulfilment and happiness are heading your way, unfortunately, they are not quite here, there is something you discover that you don’t quite like and this tiding of surprises and unusual happenings may lead you to take up the sword to sort things out.  It is all about getting involved, it is a busy time, however, your efforts are likely to be well rewarded.  Collaborations are vital and you may get some new offers coming your way.  You are taking good care of your wellbeing right now and this is advantageous due to September bringing with it a lot of responsibilities that predispose you to stress.  Focus on what is essential as things may evolve quite unexpectedly.