Sunday, 15 November 2015


This period for Aries is extremely active and will have its challenges and sees you moving forward with leaps and bounds.  Enthusiasm, your incredible will and determination to set something in motion will ensure that you gain long term advantages.    Mid November is all about creativity and romance where you will either meet someone or love will blossom in some way or another.  The beginning of December sees you relax down, although you will still remain busy.  With all this activity make sure you take good care of your health and avoid indulgences

You and your loved one become the focus of your attention this November and entertainment, love and sensuality are important to you.  By the end of November you will become more restless and will wish to get busy taking the initiative and action in an area that has been neglected.  However, the recent break from this activity has allowed you to produce in one week what would take others to do in a month.  Partnerships and team work increase your income and you could sign profitable contracts. 

There is many opportunities right now that allow you to be ‘seen’ as your organisational and leadership abilities are second to none.  You know what needs to be conveyed and how to convey it.  Love could also come your way at every turn particularly towards the end of the month.  You may embark across a new contact that you immediately clash with but whom becomes a solid and significant financial acquaintance as the month progresses.  November 25th brings a chance to take action on a weighty decision, do not let this situation allow you to lose confidence, as within four days you will be back on top and taking control.  Adequate rest is important. 

It is an efficient time for sorting out agendas and solving current issues, in fact, use November to ensure that you have a timetable of events that suit you as December may entail situations that are more complicated and more entangled by their nature.  Be careful with finances in the last week of November when you may be tempted to spend more than you had budgeted.  Make sure that you stay on top of your health as the change in season could have an effect.  Much joy will be experienced with home and family.  This period is likely to contain flirtatious encounters.

This is the time to draw a conclusion with regard to a relationship and monetary entanglement as Venus changes direction enabling frank communication and a forward motion in matters of the heart.  By the beginning of December a clear plan for the future is formulated and you will have the enthusiasm and incentive to work towards this.  Travel is highlighted and there will be many opportunities to use your powers of persuasion to manifest your ideas.  Avoidance of stressful situations is advisable as well as avoiding excesses, even if the seasonal parties are plentiful.

There is a practical focus at this time when efforts could be made in increasing income or pursuing a joint interest by a business or an investment.  Family and home are really important to you and this area could give you a lot of preoccupation during November.  An increase of income is likely, investments and business with your career marked by travel, meetings and negotiations.  Your dearest hopes and wishes could come true, not all will be ready to go forward but some certainly will.  Doors are opening for you in all areas of your life, along with an extra commitment or deepening of a relationship with a loved one – you will be able to see reality for what it is.

Late autumn is a passionate time when you will be taking the initiative and making important in roads into creating the ideal solution towards a crisis situation that raised its head recently.  This time you do not want unwelcome surprises and wish to make sure that you are not caught short again.  Working on improving your resources and general income will be an area of focus for you.  Collaborations and new alliances are likely.  Use this time to get your priorities in order and keep an eye on any existing health issues, so that you are always one step ahead of the game.

Is it time to make a stand Scorpio?  If there is something you need to do regarding relationships then this is the time to act?  Do not throw your energy on stony ground as you have so much to give to those that really appreciate and need it, as there may be an influence in your life that is draining you and this situation needs dealing with.    “A stitch in time saves nine”.  Early December sees you rising up in one way or another and your leadership skills come to the fore allowing you to mobilise others to reach objectives.  Steer clear of those that gossip without giving you the facts, be true to your heart, then you will know the best course of action for all concerned.

There is so much exciting work that is going on behind closed doors and this time spent is valuable giving you insight and clarity into an area that will benefit you in the long term.   After 25th November your focus will be on a partner, past or present, in marriage or business, at times you could feel overwhelmed as you could see another side to the character you have known to date.  This will be beneficial for you as it will give you more of an insight into the bigger picture.  All your experience has brought you to a place where you are ready to take on complex projects with many parts to manage.  

Travel and love go hand in hand whether it is a long distant scenario of a trip down the road; it is love on the move.   This may cause interference within your professional life or influence work related decisions.  Use this time to advance your status as you have amazing courage, power and the independence to achieve great things, this is a moment where you can achieve anything you put your mind too.  Pay attention to the details and be on top of your paperwork, with all the other distractions around, it is easy to miss or forget things. 

Through collaborations and acquaintances you are set to make a lot of money this winter if you use your communication abilities and give yourself permission to shine.  It may be that the strings of your relationship are woven together with those of your career, benefitting you financially.  You could be attracted to those in a powerful position; they could benefit you, as they in turn see you as an intelligent person who is worth listening too.  The heavens are smiling on you so keep your eyes and ears peeled for an offer as status, fame, honours and achievement can be yours, this is your time for victory, advancement and recognition. 

Cultural and spiritual activities draw you; this is an excellent time for higher education, writing and research.  There is an urge to travel for studies or in a professional capacity; however, it is imperative that you set clear objectives.  Money can be made through collaborations; you could attract a gift, funds or receive some kind of sponsorship.   You will want to share more and on a personal level will wish to steer your relationship in a new direction that promotes a sense of evolution.  Make sure you take adequate rest and have time and space for you as your energy levels may fluctuate.