Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Horoscopes for Mid December 2015 to Mid January 2016

What a whirlwind you are this winter and if your loved one is on board, together, you can literally move mountains with the strength of the force that is building up between you.  This is a very passionate December fueled by ambition and determination with a real burning desire to achieve goals, to be successful and make a real difference to your life.  Acquaintances become a strong motivating influence for you and can bring significant financial benefits.  Unexpected gifts could come your way.  Achievements are likely within a cultural environment. 

Obligations and responsibilities fill December and this becomes your focus as you wish to set things right and create harmonious circumstances.  Propositions and ideas keep you busy as collaborators and friends have an impact on your professional life.   Time spent with a loved one will bring moments of happiness.   It is important to manage your finances during the first two weeks of January and take care of your health over the Christmas holidays - overindulging will not do you any good.  To key to a successful end of 2015 is to avoid unnecessary confrontations and enjoy collaborating and cooperating with others.

Opportunity and pleasure are the things to look forward to at the end of this month, in fact it is a time that brings hope and you will feel this more deeply than most.  Your thoughts are likely to focus around those close to you and your love life comes to the fore with New Years Eve having special emotional meaning.  Career wise this is a relaxed time where you will have the support of colleagues and be able to work with joy without the usual rush.  Financially, however, this is not a time to splash out, rather a time to relax more, work less and allow your creativity to flow.

A nurturing December where you will have much joy in sharing with loved ones, family and friends.  Stimulating conversations abound where love lingers and shows itself indicating that this is a good time to start a new relationship or rekindle the one you are in.  Your professional life also springs into action but also brings with it a sense of satisfaction as you assert and distinguish yourself.  Work independently and your efforts will be financially rewarded.  Fun, laughter, socialising and organisation become part of the end of the Year.

Significant events and intense emotions that enhance your passionate nature allowing love to spark at any time fill the end of 2015.  Your heart will rule over your head - feelings take over and determine your decisions.  There is more initiative in you and you will want to do many things, meet others, support ideas, convince and negotiate, profiting from activities that involve intellectual efforts.  You might write or calculate more, hold a speech or travel for work.  Make sure you take adequate rest, spread your activities so that you do not overexert yourself.

The great negotiator should be your title - as your reasoning powers are second to none.  Money motivates you at the moment and you could increase your earning capacity, however, steer clear of speculation and gambling with this income, as impulsive decisions, may not do you any favours.  Emotionally this is a rewarding and happy time.  You have a great ease of communicating emotions and feelings, being receptive and open, which stimulates your partner to share their thoughts and feelings.  Promoting your image, talents and wit will work well for you – this is your time to shine.

Reactionary Libra – be careful not to jump to conclusions and assumptions right now, make sure that you count to 10 and check the facts before accusing a situation or person.  Things are not as they initially seem and this can cause confusion for you.  Relationships are highlighted and others are likely to be drawn towards you and this will stimulate your spirit of conquest and also can make you feel slightly restless.  Your competitive streak is in full force; you seek challenges, enjoy combat and excel in overcoming challenges.  If you channel this energy toward precise goals, then this time could bring you notable achievements and gains.

Do not worry – you will achieve all that you need to in time and to schedule.  Work seems stressful right now when you need to make an intellectual effort and get things in order; however, it is only becoming stressful due to you over worrying that you will not be ready.  The pressure felt is put upon by yourself this month – you become your own motivator.   Orient your goals, focus on those areas that are giving you concern, so that you have some time to relax and enjoy moments with others.  Your need for sharing and affection increases and it is important to keep a balance so that you can weave these moments in.

December brings opportunities for evolving and developing particularly in the areas of knowledge and experience.  You will exude confidence, energy and prestige and then over the holiday period your professional life will quiet down until the beginning of January.  There will be a window where you will have time to concentrate on your relationships, with some romance indicated and this will bring you a lot of fulfillment.  The first two weeks in January highlight the need for perseverance and tenacity.  To avoid excesses or extremes where possible – take the middle path.

The full moon that occurs, in your opposite sign, Cancer on December 25th will cause you to have a revelation in the area of your love life.  Your perceptions and senses will heighten making you instinctively aware of the reality of any undercurrents.   Unexpected events could happen so make sure you have back up plans over the holiday period.  You will feel a need to assert yourself to prove your strength or your value in a situation.  A good strategy will allow you to achieve your goals with ease, bearing in mind that you are not an island and you can count on others to give you their support.

It seems that either your relationships or something that you love doing are strongly connected to your career or social standing in some way.  A relationship may have some simmering stirring beyond the surface, niggles that are bubbling away, ready to be ironed out soon.  You are drawn to travel or studies connected with culture or history.  The end of 2015 not only brings you popularity but also this can be a profitable time particularly when you work towards a goal with others of a like mind. 

An emotional investment or interest is connected with your profession or public life in one way or another.  A visible person either connects with you in a love relationship or forges an alliance; perhaps you could socialise intensely, together with your partner, or get actively involved in a group project.  This could bring you some kind of recognition or glory with the added bonus of a financial reward.  On the health front there is a tendency towards extremes, so make a mental note, that all things in moderation are best suited to your constitution.  Your opinions will have an impact on a wider scale so choose your words with care and make the most of being ‘seen’.

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