Tuesday, 12 January 2016


The Astrologer TV series Ident showcases the adventures of the gifted and daring Kaz Coburn.
The series focuses on the predictive and corrective powers that the study Astrology bestows on its adherents, especially when employed by someone already blessed with unique powers of deduction and insight. Armed with skills at the level of an almost X-Ray vision, Kaz has developed the selfless gift of those who can see the hidden potential around so many facets of people's lives.
World events and personal relationships open their secrets to Kaz. The wheel of fortune follows the solar clock as it burns away the hours, as Kaz uses her persuasive powers and breezy charm to hook into her chaotic subjects and hopefully steer the course of fate and destiny for the well-being of all....  https://vimeo.com/151551983