Thursday, 11 February 2016

Horoscopes for mid February – mid March 2016

2016 sees Aries spring into action; this is the time to get out there in the big wide world, mingle at social events and travel as much as possible.  All interactions help put the pieces together in the jigsaw of your life, bringing you livelier, richer and fulfilling moments.   Love life may be linked to your career and you will have to take into consideration the impact of this.  However, things tend to evolve without much pushing on your side.  Financially this is the beginning of an active cycle in which with good organisation and planning you can reap the rewards.

The spotlight is on you; bringing you success, collaborations, new contracts or a new project, however, do not be rushed into making decisions when it involves acquaintances. There are opportunities to increase your income if you choose to capitalise upon them.  All this attention and adrenalin can cause you to indulge and be tempted towards excess; this could in the longer term run you down, so watch out for this tendency.  This is also a sensual time and you could be driven by a desire to seduce your partner or love interest to provoke a reaction.

The proof is in the pudding Gemini, so before jumping to conclusions, deeper investigation may be needed when deciding if something is trustworthy or not.  Mid month sees you entering a cooperative and more laid back phase as you begin to unwind.  There is a desire for knowledge and expansion possibly through a travel related subject or studies of a higher nature and this new found interest will enhance an existing relationship.  Innovative ideas may spring to mind and these will help to formulate a new venture.  There may be a medical issue or investigation that will need your input.

Solving a mystery propels you to delve into areas and uncover truths that not only surprise you but lay rest to some anomalies that have been going on for a few years.  Your love life is in a romantic mode and stands to gain from being open with each other and will also benefit from any change that is on the cards.  During this time collaborations are beneficial for your career, team work and offers of new associations come your way.  There is the possibility of you making a small investment. Watch your health towards the end of February – all things in moderation.

All your thoughts and actions gravitate around those you love, relationships become your top priority.  Great understanding and comfort can be found with a significant other at this time.  A new job could be in the offing where contracts, success and profit come to you through collaborations.  The most important decisions and transactions seem to take place after 19th February - approach all contracts with caution and check the facts carefully.   Opponents can become friends and vice versa but by mid March you will know the true guise of those around you.

Deep feelings go hand in hand with the temptation of adventure and curiosity for new things and this can cause you to feel restless on the one hand and excitable on the other.  This theme continues throughout the period with the beginning of March indicating that you are slightly calmer emotionally.  This is a productive time, with potential for success in the area of work, giving you power and authority where you exert your intellect.  Efforts are rewarded with praise, recognition and monetary gain.

A fertile time for Libras when the blossoming of a current relationship, as well as the coming to fruition of a new love can occur, depending of course upon your situation.  There is a focus on the home and family and there could be news to do with children or parental status.  On or around February 22nd indicates that selling yourself is easy, this is an excellent point for showing your skills or promoting your image, products or services, you may even go into a joint venture.  Be careful of speculations or money being offered without working for it.  Take time to have fun.  

Energy, initiative, efficiency and courage are all yours for the beginning of the year, this is a time to do the things you would not have dared to in the past.  It is ideal for any situation that needs you to take dynamic and decisive action, for motivating and leading others and for confronting competitors.  This is also the beginning of an idealistic pathway where your long term hopes and dreams become extremely important to you and you will also wish to protect these ideals.  Focus the energy that you have into productivity and be kind to yourself by avoiding circumstances that have conflict potential within them.

The adventurous spirit has quietened down into the practical tones of stability and strategy, where the need to security and material things become the focus of interest.  This is a beneficial time for financial endeavours where income from intelligence, collaborations and calculations can help you to materialise the dreams that you have had for a while now.  Sagittarius is known for being the benefactor of luck and once again luck comes to you in an unexpected way or event.   Take care of your health this year; in other worlds take care of yourself as your stamina is not as robust as in other years.

An optimistic Capricorn full of cheer and accomplishments especially in the area of your love life; you are looking great and beaming with magnetism and sensuality.  A relationship is becoming stronger, although this month, will not be without admirers.  On the work front there are opportunities for promotion when the pathway before you clears and an offer comes your way.  Income could rise or you receive a gift or profitable transaction.  Your mindset is excellent as is your health.  Why not let your hair down and enjoy yourself?

Love is heading your way Aquarius when an electrical magnetic attraction will make you feel youthful and full of energy and enthusiasm.  Words come easily right now and your charms are irresistible, you are glowing with strength and optimism making this is a moment when wishes really can come true.  You have all the assets you need to really succeed in whatever route you decide is for you.  What matters is that you know exactly what it is you want so that you can make the most of this amazing time.  Go for it!

Harmony is everything to you at the moment, this is taking place within your relationships and you are able to achieve pleasant and useful things together, have lots of fun and enjoy socialising with others.  Collective effort in a project could bring you great satisfaction, you are popular and your projects are supported.  Any resources you require to reach your goals are within reach as long as you invest your time. You can find that you become extremely enthusiastic and although this is good for the soul, be careful not to burn yourself out - it is better to make a list of priorities and focus upon essentials.