Friday, 11 March 2016

Horoscopes for Mid March to Mid April 2016

It may feel to you this month that your heart is exposed and on show with the topic of your love life being paraded out in the open.  What you really desire is some respect and privacy around this matter as feelings, hopes and plans for the future are tied up with what is occurring.  There could be a legal or moral issue that is in the mix.  Really in all areas of your life it is about making the choices of what you need to let go of and what you need to energise in the long term.  It is important for you to take the time to find your inner space so that you have a place to reflect upon the changes you seek to make.  

The heavens are urging you to be seen in the public world with involvement in organisations or groups - others may appreciate your opinions on various matters.  March and early April are for you a transitory process where you will be able to build upon certain moves that you have made over the last couple of months.   There is a reminder to remain on top of your current responsibilities and to remain frugal until this transitory process has been completed and you are safely across the river on dry ground.  Relationships can become complicated, with anxieties becoming heightened due to changes in the air and a calm patience will be required.  

If communications hit a roadblock then refrain from pushing as in this case the more you push the further the delay.  Instead, seek another way around the problem or wait until the roadblock gets removed.  Diplomacy is the key to getting through this time, Mars and Saturn may be causing some volcanic discussions, or you may need to stand side by side with your partner and face something together.  Prestige and growth, achievements and results are also attainable by way of a change of situation.  Finances are dependent not just on yourself but also upon those you collaborate with.

Overseas connections, global concerns and higher objectives occupy your life this spring.  Your perspectives are widening and cultural or spiritual research will draw you and inspire you emotionally.  Relationships may be hard to fathom and you may find that you start to analyse an interaction in detail.  Rewards are coming your way by the end of March bringing success and accomplishment.  Information and the ability to communicate effectively are your tools for achievement.   Keep an eye on your health and do not push yourself too hard.

You are about to enter an intense and passionate time full of romantic urges and sexual drive, this will either invigorate your feelings for someone or get you in a bit of trouble.  New proposals are in the air and you could meet others that will support you professionally, financially you will do well.  This is a good time to start an exercise regime, take up a sporting activity, as you will benefit from physical action.  You may have a tendency to worry particularly towards the end of the month and it is good to avoid speculation or impulsive gambling, instead, make your risk taking a more calculated process. 

Spring is a time when you would like everything to be in place for the rest of the year, unfortunately, some things are taking longer than you would like and this is provoking intense feelings within.  Keep hold of the reigns though as this is a significant month for you that will eventually be filled with opportunities and renewals.  You will enjoy working with others and may make some new acquaintances at the same time older ones may dissolve.  Finances are important and you may make a small investment in your future.  Take time to relax.

Right now Libra it is all about having inner strength and within you there is a well of power enough to break habits of a lifetime.  Organisational efforts are brought to the fore and this will counteract any feelings of worries over responsibilities and duty.  Events can appear to be stressful and there may be delays or blockages that get in the way of progress by the same token blockages can also be removed with equal haste.  Keep a cool head and ride the waves with your focus on the shore and you will reach it in no time.  Ask for a second opinion, if you do not feel comfortable, with one you have been given.

This is the home run, something you have been working on will be reaching its ultimate conclusion shortly, just one more push of energy and you will be there.  The key is to stay flexible and adaptable this spring as opportunity may arise when you least expect it.  Flirtations are possible and you will enjoy socialising.  Finances play an important role in your preoccupations and could make up the main motivation towards your strategies for the future.  Creatively you instinctively pick up a skill or hobby that you once had and will enjoy expressing yourself naturally through your talents.

A dreamy phase enters your landscape and whilst this is a fantastic attribute for all things that require an enhanced imagination it can also in turn cause you to feel confusion in certain areas.   Home, family and property become of concern and there may be complications that need addressing.   Personal security may be on your mind and you will be investigating how to secure your position.  At the same time you will want to get away from it all and go on a holiday or seek out an adventure.  This is not the time to jump in the deep end – take the moderate route.

Are things coming to a head?  Perhaps there is an opportunity to move on?  By the end of March you will certainly have formulated a plan that will propel you into an arena you feel more at home in.  There is a rational and practical mode about you that leaves little room for passion, there are just more important issues to deal with - you will probably look at emotions through the material issues that are bothering you.  8th April brings a convergence of forces in the area of travel and communication and this brings about an air of excitement that permeates through to your relationships.  

Aquarius is the great seducer this spring, when the very air that you breathe, is full of romance and wooing.  I urge others not to be fooled though as you will also be keeping one eye on status, prestige and assets.  The practical side of your life is extremely important to you and because of this you will have a stronger than usual drive to assert yourself professionally.  Financially you can gain or earn a lot but you may find that you also spend a lot.  Your energy levels are abundant right now so channel them wisely.

You radiate energy and warmth right now and emotionally you are in a good space.  Relationships are harmonious without too many upheavals.   Ask and you shall receive - this is an abundant and plentiful time.  Make the most of this as from the end of March the energy changes into a more ambitious form and challenges will present themselves for you to deal with.  Being organised, focused and taking the middle road ensure that you will remain ahead of the game.  You may need to avoid a tendency to be too judgmental or demanding of yourself at times, be kind to yourself and set those boundaries; it will make all the difference.