Monday, 11 April 2016

Horoscopes for Mid April to Mid May 2016

The sun is literally shining down upon you right now bringing you attention and influencing your love life and relationships with joy and satisfaction.  This is a blooming time bringing chances of accomplishments and successes within your working life particularly during late April.  As you stand out with flamboyant presence it distinguishes you from the crowd giving you the advantage of having an air of authority about you, this will help in situations that require diplomacy and these same situations will also require patience, wisdom and discipline.  Your vitality matches your cheerful and optimistic disposition and your energy levels are steady.

Bringing to the fore that which has been locked and away and forgotten could bring with it some confrontations that you have been trying for years to avoid.  However, in order for you to move on to a happier place, these conflicts eventually have to be faced.  April and May are a time for you of new beginnings in all areas of your life and you could find that you are put on the spot many times perhaps you will be asked to give presentations, speeches, deal with negotiations or work with intense documentation.  All in all this a dynamic period and one that is full of success and advancement.  The good news is you will find it easier to be adaptable and will want to take better care of your health.

It is all about durability, how durable is your relationship for instance?  Harmony between you and another could be under strain, perhaps joint responsibilities are taking their toll or an outside influence is causing tension. It could be that your partner is stressed.  Keep calm and diplomatic and be understanding with your partner resolving as many tensions as you can.    For you this is a time of patience, tact and caution and even though tact is not always your strong point, you will find that this quality becomes your friend right now.  Remain positive as this is a very popular time for you and group and work related events bring satisfaction, advancement and accomplishment.

Relationships are tied up with work or your love life is influenced by responsibilities.  During late April you achieve something significant although the price you pay will also be significant.  There is an amazing ability to focus on complicated tasks and hone in on a project, directing your energy down one route.  Organisation and patience are your keys to progress, relying on yourself to make sure that all is in order is recommended; double check the paperwork, dates and times.  Plan ahead and leave no stone unturned, make sure you take adequate rest and look after your health.  Financially the horizon is steady – so keep ploughing on!

Healthwise you are in a good place and feeling strong and you may need this energy to deal with a frustrating teenager or a child that needs attention, perhaps they have something that needs resolving and you can help them with.  Money matters are on your mind right now and this is a good time to gain through your profession, avoid any dodgy deals as this will not go too well. Learning, education and improving an area of expertise will prove profitable long term.  You may choose to travel a bit further for work or undertake long distance business.  There may be some tensions or frustrations within a relationship perhaps your partner is going through a stressful time and will need time to unwind.

Your professional activities lead you to enter a research environment to do with legislation, morals, ethics, values, long distance collaborations are possible, editorial circles or creative writing.  You mind will be expanding through knowledge and experience in new sectors.   Material benefits or extra earnings are not out of the question and you could invest in the home.  Be careful not to over worry as this can take a toll on your health, just relax and set your priorities. Emotionally you are interested in family and your loved one, having a lot of love to offer and feeling a greater need for communication, support and tenderness.

There is one single purpose about you and that is to earn and you will push yourself, risking near exhaustion, if you have to.  Mentally the activity is very intense and demanding this spring and you will find yourself drawn to any intellectual activities that require your inventiveness and innovative spirit.  A lot does hinge on how you work with your clients, teams and collaborations.  Patience, charm and skill will all be required to bring in a deal.  The nervous system could need support so get as much sleep as you can and take vitamins to give you a boost.  You will be working hard on putting foundations in place and a love interest or partner will be spurring you on.

Communication is the key this spring in fact it is essential within your key relationships.  Some topics will be turned on all sides, other old ones will rise to the surface and even sensitive topics will be approached.  Words have to be skilfully crafted in some cases as harmony or discord could depend upon their delivery.  Work matters and responsibilities can also impact upon someone close to you, you will generally find tasks easier to fulfil and have more freedom of action, all daily work becomes productive.  Financial decisions may be discussed and acted upon as there will be an urge to solve particular issues. Keep an eye on your health and if something is niggling at you then get it checked out for peace of mind.

Professional duties and responsibilities could limit a relationship at the moment.  The issue is a lack of spontaneous freedom between you both due to outside pressures and deadlines.  However, there is the potential for some intimacy in early May or if you are unattached a new love interest could be on the horizon.  Basically you hunger for adventure; you have initiative and are driven to act, however too many duties in close succession dampen your enthusiasm.  Perhaps the key is to see your duties as another adventure?  Gaining prestige, recognition and advancement within the local community is high.

As long as you remain adaptable and inventive you will rise above and conquer all the challenges that this spring can bring.  The love region of your life remains complex with a need for security, comfort and emotional intimacy.  There is a desire to flirt and test other waters through curiosity or novelty, what you really are looking for is some attention, fun and light heartedness in your life.  This time is good for consolidating and re-launching or promoting a talent that you have.  Support and help is likely to come from family when you need it.  Do not neglect yourself, pay attention to your diet and get plenty of rest.

It may feel as though the rug is being pulled from under your feet and it is time to justify certain actions that have happened in the past.  Everything is in motion and interaction is the key.  Your finances need a strategy that will work for the future and allow you to continue to do all that you enjoy.  Take the time to patiently negotiate your way through any discussions that could affect plans.   Travel and movement are highlighted and you may be planning a journey that is motivated by feelings.  Children feature strongly and may be a motivating force in your decision making processes.

Clear communication is vital for the stability of all relationships right now, as emotions can be felt with great intensity within and this can colour some interactions causing misunderstandings.  Relationships related needs are great, you have a lot to give and there will be revealing discussions, meetings and travel with a strong impact on your love life.   This is a productive month in terms of finances when you have the determination and grit in your character to persevere with a project.  You could at times feel a lack of continuity and freedom to move, this spring it is important to focus on important things, take the time to plan your moves carefully.