Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Horoscopes for Mid May 2016 – Mid June 2016

There is a need for deeper communication, a revitalisation of the mind and all thoughts and emotions are being filtered through reasoning and temperance, giving you an edge.    Social professional success will boost your finances and your standing within the community, there will be a common effort to forge ahead with a project, important goals will be realised.   Great potential where making the impossible, possible, is part of the norm.  Watch your health as you may not have the full thrust of energy at your disposal because of this it will take an extra effort to get started.

You have energy, leadership and organisational skills, diplomacy and charm that makes you stand out and well able to forge good relations.  Others look to you as an authority figure, you are well able to analyse complex situations and bring clarity where there is confusion.  Money is on your mind and you will be directing you attention towards your finances.  With an optimistic attitude like yours you will attract others and if you are looking for a new relationship then it is easier to find one.  Existing relationships could blossom or be re-launched but you have to be careful and diplomatic to keep what you have.

Although it is complicated it isn’t as bad as it seems and this is important to bear in mind.  In fact great creative achievements are possible that come to the fore by the end of May.  Before this occurs, it is your job to settle down, germinate and carry on behind the scenes and although this sounds boring there is a lot of satisfaction that you will gain.  Quiet contemplation will reveal a bigger picture that will soothe your nerves. Relationships struggle on and if it isn’t you who is having problems, then perhaps your partner is encountering the difficulties, the key is to use tact and reconcile conflicts straight away.

A dynamic and exciting time awaits, you are very open to socialising and opportunities appear during reunions, events or group projects.  Friends come to the rescue as you could feel unsettled with your priorities out of sync and all you have to do is ask for their collaboration.  Finding yourself popular and successful in communications that bring forth work related contracts or partnerships reveal a burst of excitement in the air.  Financial opportunities are in the wings.  You may find that you work together with your partner and have a lot of fun in the process.
A strong need and thirst for love and attention combined with a desire to assert yourself could shape your motivations and goals for the coming month. Even though it isn’t difficult for you to attract others, finding fulfilment is not so easy, or such a sure thing.  Complications and frustrations could rock the boat with a loved one.  Finances are on the up and looking bountiful - this is a time when you are able to achieve success if you go with the flow.  Socialising contributes to success; travel and intellectual discussions put you in a great mood.

Objectives become clear, things begin to settle down and barriers are overcome.  You are beginning a cycle that will prepare you for some hard but satisfying work ahead; success is assured as you focus on your true goals.  Satisfaction and happiness can be attained through long distance connections, travel and culture.  Your relationship may feel as though it is being put to the test but this is just a blip and could be related to property or home.  Your priorities and values could be undergoing a change and you realise with far more vigour what it is you really want.

There is something unusual about your love life right now, old issues may come to the fore that you thought were long buried and this could surprise you.  Expect the unexpected and for secrets to be revealed or feelings to be demonstrated.  Managing what you have may need attention, so that you gain the most, out of what you have already got.  Regular activities that involve information, communication or intellectual effort will go well.   Take care of your body and your mind this spring; avoid conflicts or aggressive individuals where possible as they can burn you out.

You are a social butterfly this month Scorpio, relationships, forging connections and collaborations, attending various events all bring favourable circumstances and give the opportunity to meet others of a like mind.  Forging alliances and making plans could result in a joint project or new collaboration where contracts are signed.  Love is likely to blossom as happiness and understanding are a wonderful virtue of yours this month.   The end of May could bring clarification over an issue that was incredibly complex.   Even though you are good physically right now this is not the time to test your limits, take the middle road without excess or deprivations.

Responsibilities reign and work dominates your daily life.  Work related travel takes a lot of effort but also brings great satisfaction.  Relationships and your professional life go hand in hand; perhaps you are working with your partner or sharing the load with them in some way.  There is a lot of intense activity and need for action, frustration can occur when things do not move as quickly as you would like.  Financial reward will come out of the blue so keep at it.  Health issues are likely to be resolved as you also start to take action in that area of your life.  Everything moves up a notch as your need for speed starts the ball rolling.

At last love is in the air for you Capricorn, allowing you to feel full of vitality and comfort.  Relationships become passionate and intense, misunderstandings are starting to be resolved, allowing some sensual and amorous times ahead.  If unattached then a new flirtation can easily lead to something more fulfilling and adventurous.  It is time for you to remember what it is like to have fun and get out there and enjoy yourself.   This is a creative time and the joy of expression can lead you to achieve great things.   Do not take financial risks though - hold onto those purse strings.

Home and family bring a lot of happiness right now, perhaps some redecorating is on the cards or you wish to spend more time with those you love.  You will be attracted towards an investment, putting in the work now, to invest in the future, financially this could be rewarding for you.  Enjoying subjects such as history, archaeology and genealogy may bring you hours of entertainment.   You may have undergone some stress lately and you could feel more agitated and tense, do not rely on support from acquaintances, but take the time to rest, relax and pamper.  

A romantic memory, an older issue or something from the past crops up and brings with it opportunity and happiness, a significant event or a change in your current situation could be on the cards.  You can count on the support of others right now and any overwhelming responsibilities or struggles will be made easier.  Demanding activities will be those requiring intellectual effort, processing or forwarding information, writing, communicating, talking and travelling but through these you make your mark.  This is an optimistic time for you where you spring into action.

Monday, 2 May 2016

RIP Jonathan Cainer

"We aren't here for long. We should make the most of every moment. We all understand this yet don't we forget it, many times? We get caught up in missions, battles and desires. We imagine that we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right - for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form?" J. Cainer