Monday, 13 June 2016


Those you meet on your travels will have a significant impact on your life there could be an unexpected meeting or the beginning of a liaison based on like minded interests.   Emotionally you are a little on edge right now but this settles down after June 17th, so if an encounter feels as though it is knocking you off kilter, embrace it as you will rebalance again, once you get used to this new energy being around.   Family and home life play an important role at this time and you will enjoy spending time with those you love.  Ideas and intellectual pursuits are highlighted and you will gain a lot of satisfaction from any work related travels that invite you to think outside the box.

These can be testing times in the areas of partnerships, with a few critical moments, however, this is necessary to strengthen that which is of value as opposed to that which needs to be laid to rest.  The decision making process becomes easier towards the end of June.  Relationships and money are connected and an important conclusion regarding finances will be made.  Patience and attention to detail could see money still swimming in your direction.  Your mental psychology responds best when surrounded by a harmonious home life.  Steer clear of conflicts or belligerent or aggressive personalities as these types drain your energy and distract you from the very things that are important to you.

We have just entered a more cultured and smooth part of the year for you Gemini and you will find that a lot of tension particularly within relationships has started to ease off.  Love and marriage moves to a new level of joy and happiness, amorous liaisons return and you certainly are blessed financial aspects of a business.  A greater ease in socialising can bring you in contact with new contracts, alliances or material gains.  The only thing that can trip you up this month is a lack of time management.  

Your health is improving and you are certainly in better shape than the previous months, still be aware that it may be prudent to avoid excesses and take care of yourself.  This is a good time for meditation, for seeking solutions and making plans.  Any subject that involves analysing and consolidating, reorganising or rebranding will be second nature to you right now.  The work environment is much calmer with great creative potential where you can revive talents or initiatives that were abandoned in the past.  

You are in a pondering mood this June with regard to the intimate and emotional side of your nature, you have fun, socialise but perhaps things are not quite how you desire them to be.  Maybe there are undercurrents or tensions that are leaving you feeling a little uneasy.  Domestic obligations could be stressful at times but by the end of June you are able to decide rationally the best action to take.  Working towards a common goal or cause brings rewards; you are successful in the world at large and could influence a large group of people driven by common interests.   Earnings are good but there may be an issue with a headquarters or an immovable property.

Your love life is running in leaps and bounds with socialising providing new chances and revitalising opportunities for romance to blossom.  Your relationship could find itself linked to career and success in some way.  You will receive a lot of support and popularity from others, attracting success and money, you really do shine and your dynamic energy is seen by those around.  All this attention and glory coming your way can make you tense as accumulated pressure is not good for you, take time out and find a way to relax and de-pressurise before the next event.

There could be some disagreements as to how to proceed as you lay down a future plan within your relationships.  Complications and stressful developments due to issues and conflict over a monetary situation can occur.  Perhaps time is needed, or a material object has an emotional attachment to it, and one of you wishes to sell it - whatever the reason a compromise may have to be found.  Social ambitions can take centre stage and you will excel in a leadership role that provides you with public visibility.  Others will respect your persistent attitude and collaborations can bring rewards.

The first rule this month is not to over analyse a situation as this will give rise to various fears and worries that you just do not need.  The second rule is to avoid antagonising individuals where possible as frustrations could very easily escalate into conflict – this is also something you do not need right now.  Keep your head clear and your mind open as there is likely to be a refreshing attraction stimulated by common spiritual or cultural interests and long distant travel could occur.  Finances may be a concern so be careful not to over indulge on this level.  This month set yourself clear goals, come up with a strategy and at the same time remember the virtue of patience.

There is a thirst for love in the air and there are many opportunities for you to drink deeply.  If single romantic opportunities abound and if within a relationship you can expect some harmony and fulfilment. Grand scale projects and professional achievements are highlighted; meetings bring success with a chance for promotion and this beneficial aspect remains with you until September.   Alliances are key to success and teamwork brings profits and growth.  Avoiding taking risks and too many vices and the world is your oyster right now.

Lack of time can bring stresses and miscommunication within a love or marriage.  You may seek a way through this constraint by working together to accomplish a common goal.  There is a possibility of a work place romance.  By the end of June relationships become a lot warmer and more tender, benevolent and understanding.  Creative talents are ripening and your skills come to the fore making you stand out, work becomes pleasant and the atmosphere is relaxed.  You are on the ball and your mind is working quickly allowing you to be far more productive.

Flirty frolics and fun finds you this mid June when sensuality spills over in waves, romance, love and attention brings you a lot of joy.  A proposition may be on the cards or a new love, even revitalising an existing relationship will bring new emotional experiences.  There may be a delay within your career or an unexpected twist it seems to be a waiting period when you are able to reflect and consolidate upon where you are at and organise your goals into an achievable solution.  The beginning of July brings you movement in this area.  These are social times and there is a lot of fun to be had.

Emotionally this is a period where you need privacy and security.  Home and family preoccupy your mind and you interact more at this time.  Passion returns with a vengeance at the beginning of July and your interest bubbles over in the areas of knowledge, travel, foreign lands and long distance activities.   June therefore is a great time for focusing on the house and domestic chores all in preparation for an action packed July where decisions will be made swiftly.  Make sure you take adequate rest in June, stay in shape, get organised and focused, ready for an enthusiastic and heated summer.