Monday, 15 August 2016


You are lighting up torches wherever you go and will continue to do so for the next couple of years it is in your nature to ignite the spark that often signals creative change.  Of course the outcome of these seeds depends upon your own nature and the intention in the first place, for many they will become beacons of inspiration and for others they will sow the seeds of fear.  Your vocation is calling and it is significant that you will become an instigator of change in this area of your life.  Responsibilities, collaborations and daily tasks are highlighted.  Do not hold onto the torch once it is lit it is your job to pass it on to others and not to control the outcome.

Dilemmas and certain anxieties may come to the fore, therefore, concentrate on domestic affairs as right now they are of great importance.  Any conflicts that arise, work at defusing them rather than fanning.  The source of these events is likely to come from someone close to you, be ready to help, but be cautious on your response.  By the end of August vacation is calling and it will likely be one of the best times you have had in a while – a welcome break.  Creative flow is at its peak and your confidence is rising.  Financial security is important to you and a promotion or publicity is on its way.

There is a return of an issue that first occurred in March / April this year within close relationships, now it is time to draw a line, even if it means choosing to go your own way.  August and early September is all about drawing conclusions, making decisions and then taking the required action.  Your first reaction may not be the most beneficial to you or all concerned so steer clear of making rash moves.  Another may be inflexible or just stubborn and really it is your forgiving nature that could be tested.  Home and family will make demands on your attention but will also be a source of fulfilment and support.

This is not a relaxing time for you in fact it is one of the busiest times of the year with certain restrictions in place, there may be some unpleasant tasks to deal with for instance.  The result of all of this is that your efforts will be rewarded maybe not immediately but you will reap what you have sown.  There are emotional benefits in travel, communication and any intellectual activities you find yourself involved in.  On a physical level you could be limiting yourself through your diet or putting in place dramatic changes to your lifestyle.  You will be focused on achieving your goals. 

There is the potential for an explosive passionate time of love affairs and although unique in the experience they give you, equally they will be lacking in emotional fulfilment.  You will also be tempted to spend more than usual with things catching your eye.  As the sun is in your sign, this also gives you more confidence and magnetism right now.  Some of your motives rise from the desire to earn and plan ahead; you may spend time analysing and stock-taking.  Financially you will feel some complacency hence the tendency to spend more at this time.  Important decisions will occur by the last week in September.

If you are in a committed relationship then this is a time of tenderness and fulfilment, you are happy together.    Significant events can take place, if single a new love could begin, if attached then it could be about reconciliation, getting engaged or confirming how you feel.  Emotional joy is the result.      Being in the right place at the right time could provide you with opportunities for achieving your potential.  Jupiter is helping you to come up with grand plans, make successful collaborators which allow you to display your creative intelligence.  If you put in the effort then money will come easily.

Joint efforts to achieve something is highlighted so get busy working with your partner, joint strategies work well, focus your drive on a goal and that will take the heat out of any romantic challenges throughout this hottest period.  Something greater than yourselves will ensure that you live in harmony during what could be an argumentative time.  September brings motivation and you will be optimistic.  Analyse, add things up, contemplate and draw conclusions.  Watch your health as your stamina is a bit low so make sure you take adequate rest – situations of conflict cause your nervous system to suffer.

Oozing you are this Summer Scorpio, simply radiating, bright, confident and full of assertion.  What a splendid time this is for love, love may even take you on a journey either physically or spiritually.  Relationships do well with the backdrop of a different cultural setting.   In career matters ambitions are running high, help from supporters and protection from those around you is strong.  Even though you are successful there is possibility of financial difficulties with either delays, obligations or a mix up.  Do not hesitate to ask another for support if you need it especially as you may feel more tired than usual throughout the month.

Have patience as you are being taught the lessons of depth, discipline, organisation and limits, therefore, focus on a few significant objectives, one at a time.  The key is to not want to see immediate results, be consistent and stay the course knowing that it will become visible in time.  It is beneficial to surround yourself with positive individuals, you have high aspirations and positivity will help you to forge ahead even when delays or setbacks get in the way.   Early September ensure that your status and prestige improve and you will encounter new opportunities. 

The seas are calling, your heart is yearning for a wider horizon, a chance to look for deeper meanings.  Long distance liaisons are possible, romantic journeys or undertaking a spiritual or cultural initiative with your loved one.  Your love life walks hand in hand with your material values and this can either create affinity or discomfort.  Decisions of a financial nature will be prominent, unexpected events or a finale, either way you need to think hard about a successful route.  Success, however, could come from looking deeper at that horizon, activities abroad, internet or higher education.  You may even travel for studies or career. 

The impulse to share runs through your veins, there is at last some emotional happiness with an emphasized desire to do as much as possible together with a loved one or close companion.  Analysis and reflection as to what you really want for the future will come under scrutiny as certain things have been set in motion and the ball is rolling.  There are adequate resources available to achieve all your goals and you will enjoy working in groups, collaborations and team work.  Guard against a tendency for excess and spreading yourself too thin.

Whilst you have great emotional needs this late Summer at the same time you get offers that lift and support those needs.  You will find yourself doing something together - sharing the same direction or purpose. In some cases, rare ones, differences, discrepancies occur; it is all about living relationships consciously and responsibly.  You may have to take up the sword and fight to win a position or get something settled or even to set something in motion, it will take an investment of force behind it.   Success depends on collaborations, on cooperating with others, on clients and various social interactions. Engaging in lifestyle hygiene and body-care is possible.