Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Horoscopes for mid Sept to mid Oct 2016

Open doors and opportunities abound, especially when teamed up with another, joint achievements are likely. September could bring you a new love or will make your current relationship literally ‘on fire’. In some cases you may find that you actually free yourself from a relationship that is not good for you. This is a joyful time and mid September sees advancement within professional relations. It is the beginning of a new abundant phase where contracts and negotiations that are in your favour are likely to come to fruition. With all this excitement there is a need to watch your health due to over stimulation of the nervous system – maybe some meditation could be useful?

Work and obligations take centre stage and this promises months of satisfactions and achievements, you could even be moved into a position that gives you more satisfaction, this change will generously reward your efforts too. You will need to be careful with money until the beginning of October though. Focus on health remains and this is the time to spend getting into physical shape thus increasing your stamina. Within relationships not all may go according to plan and you will need some patience, however, by late September tensions will be released and passions will return.

Due to your great instincts for placing yourself in the right place at the right time there will be an unusual platform for you to showcase your qualities, especially in the areas of advertising, entertainment or education. Your talents, creativity and ingenuity shine through. There is great potential for amorous encounters without commitment but long term relationships are at risk as this is a period where stresses and tension prevent cooperation and take their toll between you. Calmness and reason are advised approaching situations with practical common sense.

Happiness in the home and with family will have you radiating this September. This is a busy and yet peaceful period as obligations, responsibilities and work will all direct their energies towards enhancing the value and comfort of your home. By the end of September your efforts on the work front are starting to show visible results as you build efficiently, the tasks are numerous and there will be little time to take a break. Communication is the key to a satisfying relationship and to sustain a close bond during this time it is important to take the time to discuss and share individual experiences with each other.

This is a passionate time and love will involve taking some chances, the tension adds a spark and through communication you will find an intellectual level that makes the flow between you more harmonious. On the work front your path is now a smooth one and you are satisfied with the results of what you do and are not bothered by grand ambitions. Financially there may be some setbacks so it is a good time to revise your budget, leaving all important financial decisions until the end of September. You are in good physical shape and have optimism that spreads cheer all round, if single, this could send you in the arms of someone who shares your intellectual or spiritual interests.

Relationships are harmonious and there is a natural flow of respect and joy between you and a significant other. A love interest starts to consolidate and feel more grounded and secure. As a couple financial considerations will be important and by the end of September financial opportunities could materialise indicating a year of prosperity. On the work front you stand out and your social status improves, reorganisations or career revaluation may be on the cards but this will work out in your favour. Your physical endurance is good right now but watch your nervous system and your ability to focus or get organised and settled, do not rush into things or take unnecessary risks.

The art of seduction is your middle name and you will find that you have access to many opportunities for love this fall. Even if you don’t have a partner yet there is a strong chance that you will find one. There is generally an improvement in all areas of your life right now and you will be feeling motivated, energetic and eager to revitalise and renew different projects. Your confidence is growing and you see things from a different perspective giving you the courage to initiate projects that in the past seemed too bold, therefore, October will be rich in opportunities promising success in collaborations.

It is all change for you in particular regarding your career or social standing where you will find yourself becoming involved in a collective project. You will find yourself analysing the larger picture, drawing conclusions and taking necessary action. September will be working towards solving a problem or an issue that will clear up towards the beginning of October. Expect the unexpected this fall when an unexpected, strange or unusual event occurs. After 23rd September things visibly change for the better and it will be time to reorganise leaving you with a feeling or calmness and tranquillity.

Watch out for delays or unplanned events which connect your personal life to your career, in one way or another something does not synchronise as you expect. You could feel that others expect certain results from you and their expectations are too high. Ambitions are running high that is for sure and there is at this moment incredible potential for success within your career even if some things need to be rethought or reorganised. A project that you had abandoned may become a reality. You and your loved one will do well attending various functions and social activities, groups or organisation, collective collaboration increases prosperity.

This is not the greatest time to make decisions, proposals or to open significant discussions in an attempt to clarify a situation, therefore, your love life may enter a complicated and confusing period. It seems the more you try to unravel something the tighter the knot becomes. Love prevails over misunderstandings and sometimes the lesson here is all about trust. With regards to career new horizons open up, possibilities of development arise, of advancing and improving your social status. Success could come from abroad to do with cultural or a higher-education environment. Rest more, eat healthier and at regulated times as your immune system could be under some strain.

Money and valuables are linked to your relationship and perhaps there is a disagreement that is perpetuated by communicating in a non productive manner. To keep your relationship safe during this fall it is very important to try to make things as clear as possible, as transparent as possible, to avoid unclear situations, and keep things realistic. Long-distance love is not out of the question. Take great care what you do with your money and how you spend it as this is a time to clear your debts or save. This is an excellent period for studies, research, cultural or spiritual activities shining within teams, groups or well-structured organisations.

Act with tact Pisces! Things can go easily out of hand, therefore, clear communication is essential, making sure your messages are correctly received and that you understand exactly what you are told. Be flexible, but without making great compromises, and keep your mind clear, so you can make the right choices. Perhaps you are at a crossroad, as if a change of direction is coming. Earnings can originate from partnerships or a third party bringing increased income at your disposal. Be aware that at this time your body can get out of balance quickly so avoid over-exertion. This fall is not the time to leave anything to chance.