Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Love makes the world go round and it certainly does this October, when a new beginning around the autumn equinox and has continued to gain in momentum.  Affection is reciprocated and your expectations could be high, however, there will be a delay on how fast you can take this relationship, due to outside influences, you may have to slow down a little.     Productive alliances are likely to be gained in your career and although confrontations are a probability the odds of you coming out on top are high.  Diplomacy is your key this fall.

Promotions and profit fly your way making sure that your efforts are appreciated and that you are thoroughly rewarded.    Status, visibility and popularity increase but your finances need to be handled carefully and cautiously.  Connections with loved ones continue to improve up till 18th October when some tensions within your current relationship or to do with reconciliation provide an unsettling period, there are some issues that may need ironing out.  Watch your health and avoid excesses and becoming too engaged in the past.   

This is a particularly fertile time for you, making it ideal for creating, expressing, presenting or promotions of any kind.  You have green fingers this autumn and whatever you touch starts to grow.  You are driven by earnings right now but you should avoid being hasty as carelessness or speculation could cost you in the long run.  Relationships hot up and if unattached love could come your way at any point, existing relationships become stronger.   Your order and timing is spot on and this means you will be in the right place at the right time benefitting from circumstances.

There is passion in the air but also agitation due to an instinctual attraction that can switch from on to off as quick as lightning.  Having said that expect some romantic moments during the later part of October.  Your attention is focused primarily upon your private life making steady progress but keeping your head out of the spotlight.  In business dealings one to one collaborations may generate some stress but in the end will prove to be to your advantage, however, team creative efforts are very rewarding.  Watch your health at this time as you need to relax more and worry less.

There is a lot to carry on those broad shoulders this fall, you have ambition, energy and initiative and this is mixed with responsibilities, challenges and incidents that require your attention.  Travels will bring nostalgia and are great for consolidating older liaisons and also for beginning new ones.  Happiness and fulfilment is coming your way and by early November you will be feeling more content than you have for a long while.  The more social you are the more you feel engaged in life just be aware not to burn the candle at both ends. 

If you are in an academic environment then you are likely to soar to great heights as your mind is able to focus and concentrate for long periods of time.  Family and home life are important – perhaps you will be spending more time at home for instance or working from home.  Financially you are on the high ground; keep up the financial planning, as the juggling approach has clearly worked for you so far. You have a great urge to express yourself either creatively or passionately and this wave of impulses could lead you to take some risky chances in love.   

Achievements and success are coming your way and you will benefit tremendously with all intellectual activities where you can use your charm to win the day.  Strategies and negotiations go well as you manage your situation in a professional manner.  Financially things are looking rosy, keep up the methodical approach, but pay close attention to property, and read the small print in any policy that you take out.  You may feel quite indulgent right now which is fine as long as it remains in moderation and does not reach the realms of excess, in which case, you could gain a few pounds.

You approach late October in a warm, cheerful mood that is tinted with a feeling of heightened emotional availability, so you may feel sensual one minute and then feel alone or misunderstood the next.  Finances or money could be the trigger for some of the frustration that you can feel.  An excellent ability to focus on goals, to take the initiative and not give up – that is the way you manifest and make things happen.  This quality is even stronger this at this time ensuring that you will be successful early November in your endeavours. 

What a bright spark we are Sagittarius.  Your head is full of grand projects with a crowd of supporters that will be able to help you take the steps in the right direction – not what you know but who you know is applicable here.  Major love scenarios could be taking place in early November events that spur things on to another level.  You are a bit more relaxed and there are no real issues, that is not to say that there will not be the odd challenge to contend with, this is one that would come out of the blue and fortunately not linger too long.

An earthy force of nature that no-one can stop, Mars is in Capricorn with Pluto and once your mind is made up there is no one who can stand in your way.  Drive, ambition, power, therefore, chances of success are high as you can assert yourself easily and strengthen your reputation.  Even if your income isn’t great right now it will definitely be getting back on track soon.  Sexual urges are intense and you could get emotional if there are any delays in being able to express these feelings.  Watch out for outbursts of jealousy!

Travel and love go hand and hand if you are single then there is a chance to meet someone on your travels, if you do not intend to travel far the wide open spaces and adventures will be pulling at your heart strings.  Socially you could meet more intellectual types that bring with them new opportunities for collaborations leading to expansion.   You are popular right now and may end up becoming involved within the local community in some way.  If you are not sleeping well then watch your diet – cutting out stimulants might help.

This is a great time for kicking bad habits and for focusing on cultural, spiritual or psychological topics.  There is intellectual activity and you could be working on seeking and discovering new information, perhaps you will be involved in group projects or events.  Inheritances or gifts, refunds or credits could come your way.  You will want to spend time in the home especially early November and you will need to rest as your vitality may be low.  Treat yourself with kindness – maybe meditation may help to reawaken your energy levels.