Monday, 14 November 2016

Food for the pineal gland


High hopes fill your head almost making you dizzy with the thought of these things.  Great expectations are on the agenda and this in part is due to a thirst for affection that is welling up inside.  The good news is that sources to satisfy these urges are plentiful as you will be attracting towards you not only public attention but also love attention.  Achievements will come your way though work based partnerships or social connections.   Your reputation is highlighted so be aware that you are visible to those that matter right now.  As with all great expectations give yourself a realistic nudge to make sure they are not followed by a great fall.

There is a promise of opportunities on the work front; this is a month of making things happen, of ambition and taking the initiative.  Victory over rivalries or competitions and increased authority and success is the key theme, all culminating by mid December.  Symptoms of stress may take their toll and it is important not to indulge or give into excesses right now.  Culture will give you a lift and your main concern at this time is your partner and matters of the heart.  Your love life is your priority.   Your love interest merges with your professional life they are very interlinked right now.  

Earnings still rely upon successful collaboration with partnerships and associates and maintaining a foothold within the local community.  November is all about serious work and intense effort but from this you clearly mark out the scope of your competency and influence.  Although success demands determination there is the opportunity to stand out and gain ground.  Relationships are improving, with the love life feeling positive with displays of affection.  Lasting connections can be made during this time that trigger realisations or resolutions that put you on an abundant path.  Do not take unnecessary risks. 

Financially this is an extremely active time, a time to take the initiative in business, investments and loans.  Unexpected earnings are likely, however, caution is guarded against attempts at earning easy money as speculations can lead to loss, it is patience, strategy, attention to detail and intelligence that bring in the earnings.  Your morale and physical condition is good just keep maintaining your vigilance over the messages your body sends to you.  Late November brings a window of erotic happiness where you will re-awaken the passions of the past or begin some new passions with another. 

This is a high dynamic term coming up where you are thirsty for action and full of that conquering drive.  You will is so strong that you could leave your partner feeling bullied by your demands, so if you feel this force within then temper its delivery, through energetic and constructive action as in exercise or a common interest.  Joint projects could crop up in your professional life and you could get involved in coordinating this.  The end of November stimulates your inventive, artistic and creative abilities.  Pay attention to the pennies as it will be tempting to splash out at this time.

The world is a practical place for you right now when money, assets, business and even your love life have their roots in security and the material gains that could be achieved.  That is not to say that this isn’t a erotic and sensual time – it is but amorous satisfactions come head to head with practical considerations.  By the beginning of December travel, communication and intellectual activities pick up speed and you will become very busy.  Decisions will need to be made and even fought for.   Healthwise all is ticking along but if you are due for a routine check up then this is a good time.

This is a hot time for you Libra!  Sexual impulses grow stronger, your heart feels larger, and only a spark is needed to ignite the fire. Events could happen suddenly and be spontaneous in nature – even experimental.  It is a time of dynamic adventure infused with the zest of action.  All this energy means that you can get a lot done and success can come your way through various avenues from advertising to creative pursuits.  Home or family could contain some stressful situations that need addressing.  In the main it is the time for strength, fun and fortune.

Over analysing relationships could get your mind going down a path it doesn’t need to.  Benevolence and co-operation will work wonders in the long run.  You will be concerned with a relative or someone close to you perhaps they have health issues or a problem that needs some attention.  Late November your mind desires an intellectual outlet to mix with those on the same wavelength, there will be a desire to share ideas and talk.  Accounting, financial plans, real estate, constructions and history will all be successful topics and enterprises, as your ability to analyse right now is exceptional, when it is directed in the right area. 

What a free-spirit and if you have felt restricted then you are moving back into a time when your hunger for life and love comes back and it is easier to say what you feel and think.  Communication has a great impact upon your love life.  Career wise you could have felt that you were not interested in working but just as this feeling takes hold a helping hand comes out of the blue.   Objectives are then set, a desire to assert yourself returns and you want to make as much effort as possible to seek solutions and earn more.  Issues due to stress and feeling pressured might crop up so take time out like a walk in nature to wind down. 

Impulsive energy lingers with you still and love affairs coming out of the blue are not to be discounted.  Your hot-blooded disposition and spontaneity can bring you both intense affairs and intense arguments or other incidents.  By December you enter a more tranquil phase, your moods generally change to tender, peaceful and sensual.  Opportunities increase in number, you start to enjoy happiness in your love life and growth is on the cards. There may be initiatives put in place to increase income with the possibility of new contracts or partnerships.  Take care of yourself and pay attention to your body’s needs.

Late November is not without its difficulties in love but you have the strength to keep fighting in order to get what it is that you want.  You have a lot of energy right now.  Your professional world brings you popularity, brightness, success and an air of authority.   Ambitious plans, initiative and the desire to act will all aid in the smoothing of the path towards your achievements.  Leading a group or initiative is natural for you at this time and you take to it like a duck to water.  Financially you are doing well and are in good shape - just do not take any chances when it comes to money.

Someone from afar or with whom you share cultural or spiritual interests will play an important role this late November and at the same time you will be directing your choices toward people worthy of respect through their particular qualities or social status.  Relations have a particular impact upon Pisceans’ professional lives, such as contracts or collaborations, professional decisions influenced by emotional elements, the help of connections, supporters or protectors.  You have the chance to stand out when presenting intellectual ideas, working with abstract notions or concepts. It looks like an excellent month for studying or writing a blog.