Monday, 5 December 2016

Horoscopes for mid Dec to Mid Jan 2016/17

Looking at love in an objective manner may surprise you but seems to come naturally, you will find it easier to take a step back and see the outlook in the cool crisp light of day.  There is calmness around this area of your life and you are able to view it with some detachment.  Mid December onwards is full of fun, pleasant events, with joint projects reaching fruition.  Friends and acquaintances have a positive effect on your life.  Excesses this festive season could give you some trouble. 
Career and relationships walk hand in hand, perhaps your partner helps you advance, or your feelings at work are dictated by how you feel about home life, one way or another there is a connection.  Travel brings excitement and collaboration opportunities.   New perspectives open up for you changing the way you approach responsibilities and ambition.  You are on a roll and feel propelled to move forward, achieving remarkable things.  Promotions could come out of the blue. Physical endurance is great during December.  Be careful how you handle your money in the New Year.
Responsibilities rest upon your shoulders particularly when it comes to your close relationships and family, an important decision may be realised, it is likely to have a long term impact.  One thing is certain this change will move things to a better place.  If you are single then if you meet someone it will probably be serious.  Rich realisations and useful alliances make December the most significant and active time of 2016.  Cheerful and positive people lift your spirits and keep you functioning with a smile on your face.
Adventure and excitement wells up from within and you will feel a strong urge to have fun.  A sudden event mid month could lead to a major change in circumstances, decisions will be made and tensions will be released.  From 19th to 30th there could be misunderstandings in communication, if you are signing anything check the details.   Work and obligations could cause some stress, keep taking the initiative and extra income could come your way from unexpected sources.
This is a time of adrenaline, you are very alert, fiery, steamy and active tending to react to any stimuli that comes your way.  This is a sensual and passionate time and you have a lot to give.  Your moods are like a roller-coaster and this can cloud your judgment, your reactions could be too impulsive and overwhelming for your partner.   On the work front you could feel that you are stagnating or there are just too many challenges in your current job.  Be careful of overindulging for the Holidays as there will be a temptation to treat yourself. 
Money and responsibilities loom into the picture and will be your motivation for this period.  It is the mundane that is your major focus but also the energy that lights your own fire.  You are practical and rational, with a lot going on, however, there is also financial and emotional satisfaction at the same time.  You will excel in anything that combines your intellectual and communicative abilities with your creativity.  Leading a healthy lifestyle could also be on your mind, testing time of year to begin due to lots of temptations about, but that does not seem to bother you. 
Studious Libra!  This is an ideal time to write and be creative, to express and promote yourself.  Speeches, interviews and negotiations have a way of working out well for you, your charm is right on point.   Love is also in the air stirring up your sexual impulses and spirit of fun, if you are attached then your current relationship could be in for a spruce up.  Children and the home bring warm memories and more time will be spent around family, you are well able to relax in this environment.  Your energy levels are quite high and as long as you keep a balance they will remain.
There is a need to share; you desire affection and intimacy, a time when you just want to snuggle down with a loved one, somewhere warm and comfortable away from the world.  Household issues become dominant, you could be preparing to move, or upgrading.  You could be tempted to study information in some way.  Avoid over stressing yourself and make time for resting and relaxing.  Nervous tension can lead to agitation, drive carefully and pay attention, as your mind could get distracted.
Money and relationships go hand in hand; perhaps financial decisions are motivated by love?  Information can come to light that improves your emotional wellbeing.  Financially it is time to analyse, deduce and reach a conclusion, pay your debts.  It may be difficult to make a decision until early Jan but something that you abandoned in the past is creeping back into the spotlight.  Be patient with yourself, socialise, be merry and mingle.
Such practical priorities take up your day it seems that romance has taken a back seat.  All your energy seems channelled towards money and material living.  During late December negotiations, calculations and discussions are important, you could travel, meet different types of people and receive information.  You could be susceptible to intense emotions around 16th and 29th December, so be kind to yourself at these times.  Make sure your immune system is strong and healthy taking supplements if you need to. 
Romance, passion, sensuality – you have incredible powers of attraction.  Emotions are intense and you are receptive to the need for affection and love.  If you are in a relationship or a new love enters your life, careful not to get burned, this is intense heat, manage this by taking time out to cool down.   December sees you in good morale generally, however, with so much fire about you may need to watch your temper or impatience with others.  You will certainly have no problem taking up the sword to fight against any cause. 
Up until 19th December, morale has not been that good, energy levels could have been knocked and you worked hard to keep up appearances.  The good news is on 19th your energy rises and you become hungry for action, motivated, establishing priorities and working on what is important.  You might resume or re-consider an older collaboration, or re-evaluate with some intent an abandoned project that was put on hold in the past. Collectives and groups of people driven by the same interests or passions play a significant role.  Financially, though it’s not easy, you manage.  

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  1. good astrological analysisof all the signs. one major event i.e. sign change of saturn is going to happen in jan. i hope you'll post about that too.