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Heya just an update on the stoic qabalah cards - It is the last 12 hours of the Kickstarter project to produce the 92 deck of cards for learning and teaching purposes. I have had a rush of backers in the last 48 hours and am now 62% funded. All or nothing funding though but a lot of the backers have come forward and said that even if I don't reach the full amount they will buy outside of Kickstarter. I have negotiated with the printers to produce the decks for the amount asked for the pledge for a deck. The whole process has been great for awareness. It has felt a long 60 days! Thank you for all of your support. xxx…/6…/stoic-qabalah-92-card-deck…#astrology #tarot #qabalah #kabbalah #zodiac #planets #motivation #stoicism #stoic #philosophy #treeoflife

92 Stoic Qabalah Deck - Kickstarter Campaign

Astrology and Qabalah 92 Card Deck with Stoic Philosophical Insights has just launched on Kickstarter. Be one of the first to acquire the 92 card deck. These cards are created by Cathy Stronach to simplify esoteric teachings and bring together a set of correspondences that home in on the essence and direction of the paths of astrology and the tree of life. They have been used recently as a teaching focus for zoom lessons. The cards have gradually evolved over the last five years into a fully comprehensive deck that utilizes astrology on all levels. Featured in Cathy's talk at the Astrological Association Conference 2020 on Astrology and the Tree of Life.  It is her aim to share this valuable knowledge with all that wish to explore. This Deck carries the keys to stay in the 'shallows' or dive in for deeper exploration.  #astrology #qabalah #stoicism #wheeloftheyear #treeoflife #kickstarter #motivation #hermetic #ageofaquarius #treeoflife…

June 2020 Astrological Association Conference

Book now!  Astrology and the Tree of Life, Sunday 28th June

The Self War Program - Ancient Wisdom for Stability and Balance

Introduction Video to the online program. Map of the Mind. This course is based on the ancient wisdom of the Stoics to bring stability and balance. Working through a series of units in 4 sections we look at taking control back in our daily life. Through exercises, life journal, and course notes that help to elevate the mind to a point of reasoning. This aids anxiety and fear allowing room for choice and decisions to be made. Working with the cosmic laws of discrimination, reflection, images and perception bring clarity and inner resolve. Suitable for all ages - a useful introduction to practical stoicism, the cosmic laws and principles of the Qabalah. #Qabalah #Stoicism #Cosmiclaws #Anxiety #Mentalwealth

Lantern of Strength - Sun moves into Taurus

Sun moves into Taurus. This month asks how resilient am I? What do I want and how do I manifest? What do I need to persevere at? What kind of sustenance is needed? #astrology#taurus#zodiac#horoscopes#qabalah#lanternofstrength#12shininglanterns

Beginning of the Astrological Year at the Spring Equinox - Sun enters Aries. Lantern of Energy. Direct, uncomplicated, forthright. This month we ask ourselves - Where do you dive right in? What are your survival needs? What action do you need to take right now?#Aries#Lanternofenergy#zodiac#Springequinox#Astrology#Qabalah#12shininglanterns#wheeloftheyear
The "12 Shining Lanterns - Astrological Wheel of the Year" is now available at The Astrology Shop, Neal Street, Covent Garden, London.  Also available at The Book Depository

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