Winter Solstice 2018 - Sun enters Capricorn

Winter Solstice 2018 – Sun moves into Capricorn 21st December marking the longest night of the year.  The skies will be lit up with a full ‘cold’ moon in Cancer on 22nd (Capricorn’s opposite sign) initiating the beginning of the coldest part of the year.  The combination is rare that the two fall together in this way.  It occurred in 2010 and the next time will be 2094.  Add the Ursid meteor shower that will peak over these two days bringing a spectacular sky of shooting stars.
We move into hibernation where growth appears to stop but although on the surface there is no growth to be seen, beneath the ground the roots are conserving their energy.   This period of dormancy, where plants are ticking over but not growing, comes with the falling temperatures and reduced day length that winter brings.  This dormancy is part of a housekeeping exercise, metabolising at low levels, to help plants gear up for warmer days ahead. 

So it is with Capricorn the Lantern of Self Discipline when workin…

Lantern of Vision - Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius, a time of year when we are reminded of our hopes, happiness and dreams. In Scorpio the phoenix rose from the ashes and now in Sagittarius the fire of the phoenix seeks to find direction.

In this period the Lantern of Vision asks us to look at how our outlook affects our life choices and encourages us to focus on defining our goals. This is an ideal time to create a vision board for instance to clarify and help our goals to manifest.

With Jupiter also sitting at home in Sagittarius, the arrow gains greater momentum, as it heads towards its target. A vision of where we fit within a greater picture emerges steering us onward and upward.

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Sun moves into Scorpio - The Lantern of Regeneration

On 23rd October 2018 the Sun moves into Scorpio reminding us that we have the power to transform our lives through regenerating ourselves. If something has been smouldering away within use the energy of this month to bring it to the fore; acknowledge its presence. By acknowledging these feelings you are on the first step to disempowering its emotional hold over you.

So if something is 'weighing down your wings' look it in the eye - it is the month to face any blockages we put in the way of ourselves. Anything that is stopping us from being able to shine has the power to be healed and let go of so that you may fly freely towards your goals.
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Autumn Equinox 23rd September 2018

The Autumn Equinox signals the sun's move into Libra on 23rd September 2018 - the Lantern of Beauty. At the Autumn Equinox the sun crosses the celestial equator a point in time where day and night are equal. This marks the beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the southern hemisphere. Although this signifies a point of balance, harmony and equilibrium, there is an underlying restlessness of pressure occurring. The pressure is to kick start a different pace as the season changes whilst maintaining a point of composure. Libra encourages us to maintain our own inner equilibrium whilst reaching out to others, to share our talents and skills, to realise the importance of relationships and those we love. Where there is disharmony, to look at the possibility of a compromise, to readjust the balance. So the Lantern of Beauty asks us if there are any areas of disharmony in our lives, and if so, what adjustments could be made to restore balance?


Sun enters Virgo - Lantern of Reason

Sun moves into Virgo 23rd August 2018 – the Lantern of Reason. After the creative push of Leo we enter the time of year when Virgo rules supreme, showing us how to use applied reasoning to our creative force and practically see how we can embed this flow in our lives. It is the time of the harvest when we reap what we have sown in the Spring. It is also a period of preparation for the change of season to come - to get all things in order, sew up loose ends, finish things off and get down to business.

Sun enters Leo - Lantern of Creativity

Sun enters Leo - the Lantern of Creativity. This is our moment to connect with our inner sun, our creative force, let this force burn away negativity releasing our true potential. It is time to shine 😊#astrology#leo#sunsign#zodiac#12shininglanterns