Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Aries you are a sign of action and there is nothing you find more monotonous than when you have to be the spectator, well this week certain aspects change that will allow you to focus your energy and create structures that will ultimately bring you a platform that you can launch your dreams from.  By the weekend you will find that you will be networking at speed as you meet contact after contact that can help you realise where you want to be.

If you have been feeling that some things have been just out of your reach this is all set to change, a new found freedom is granted whereby contractual agreements are due to be renewed in your favour, including career or marriage decisions.  Doors can finally be opened as others close, however, remain focused on what you are doing in order to avoid making costly mistakes.  Do your duty and then have fun as socially you are shining.

Things become easier, you are being given a break, however, it is also a week where temptations will come your way by the bucket load and it is up to you to rise above them and do what you must do. Be as straight and truthful as you can be with others – honesty will go a long way right now even if it makes you and them uncomfortable.  Expect the unexpected and do not be surprised if you get a few thrills on route too.

The more you connect with others and express yourself the greater the feedback and support you will get.  Like a breath of fresh air you will be feeling a sense of emotional freedom as you gain a more objective perspective, something that was weighing heavy on you will be lifted.  You are well able to see both sides of any issue and could find yourself in a negotiating role this week, however, be careful not to get caught up in another person’s drama unnecessarily.

Your words may have been stuck in your throat lately and because they were full of emotion it may have been difficult to show someone how you really feel.  Although you have been speechless in one area this week whatever you need to say you will finally be able to say in the right way and this will help something swing the way you want it to.  Those inner knots are being untied and unravelled allowing you to embrace the future with a sense of joy.

All the efforts that you have made in the past are soon going to reverberate and move you ever closer to your goal.  There is a feeling of emotional solidity coming from within at the moment as you feel more in control of your emotions and of who you are and what you want.  Creative longings are also rising to the surface as you feel the pull to expand your talents. Don’t let those jealous few rock your boat.

Some things that you have had your heart set on are starting to open up and you may be pleasantly surprised to see that certain parts of your world are finally reaching a resolution that has been a long time coming.  There is probably a feeling of restlessness within that tells you that there is more to come.  Others will perhaps have a hard time saying no to you this week, so speak right up and ask for exactly what you want, trust your instincts.

It has been tough but you are now on the other side of something big and deep so you can breathe a little easier. A hurdle has been cleared and a new view of an old difficulty is granting you a fresh perspective. Life is set to accelerate and you will feel the wind at your back again as you feel hope for the future.  Keep away from people or situations that may cause you to turn negative as this will sap your energy and you have much to do - stay positive.

This is a time for hard work I am afraid, it is the effort that is put in now that will bring you that rich and rewarding harvest later on.  If you get up and take action, keep moving then you will reach greater levels of success and wealth.  You are likely to meet up with others who have a like mind or even find connections that can help you share your workload.  There is a creative genius simmering away in there ready to pop out and dazzle us with inspiration, share your talents.

Your career is set to soar; the steps you have previously put in place are stable enough for you to climb up now.  Now that the foundation of your life is solid and becoming more firm you will find yourself being given the time to focus more attention on your primary goals and objectives.  Others are watching your every move as they see that sparkle in your eye, do not let them ruffle your feathers, but feel free to explore some of your new ideas.

You are closing the door on some hard feelings so be ready for a fresh new feeling to follow, all is about to be resolved so that you can finally lay to rest an old ghost.  The work and effort you put into tasks and objectives are likely to pay off in the future, however, be careful not to take things for granted or people, make sure you show your appreciation.   Love and romance blossoms by the weekend – you will be in for a treat.

You may have been finding ways recently to work through those relationships that have kept you from moving forward. It is likely that you are putting in place a new set of rules, letting go of old family dynamics or connections that have caused you to lose your footing.  Align yourself to the positive emotions and passions so that the end result of your actions is positive.  If you feel it you can succeed at anything.