Friday, 3 April 2015

Horoscopes for April 2015 by Cathy Stronach

This Spring provides you with a feeling of stability as a lot of the emotional and restless energy within starts to settle down providing some limits and balance to your life.  Short trips may be on the agenda and it is a time of reaping the benefits of the previous months and enjoying yourself.   This is an active month for you financially and opportunities arrive via social networking.  There is likely to be a drive in you to undertake some physical exercise – this will be beneficial to regulate your energy levels.

April is a month of sizzling passion and love, desire is in your house of partnerships on the sentimental level; this will be an active time. 
Most of your actions and projects in April will have a sentimental foundation to them.  Dynamism makes itself felt in the area of your career and you will feel compelled to take the initiative on many occasions.  Ambitious, competitive, you will naturally stand out and exercise your leadership skills.  Avoid excesses at all times and your health will flourish. 

Sharing is the key to this month and this will instil a cheerful and romantic mood in you.  Chance is also on your side bringing popularity, support and an element of protection.  In conclusion, you will have at your disposal all the necessary means to reach your objectives.  The later part of April will be far more creative and it will be easier to express yourself on this level.  Pay attention to your health and make sure you stay on top of anything that appears to be lingering. 

Even if you work hard, in what you think are inappropriate conditions, or if you sometimes feel you don't have enough decision-making autonomy, things will advance and accomplishments will come to the fore quickly.  There is recognition and success lurking with collaborations highlighted.  Financially the month is steady with no particular highs or lows.  You may have an urge to update or make changes in the home.  Misunderstandings may occur within your love life – so make sure that you discuss everything openly.

Your love life and your working life walk hand in hand at the moment, there seems to be a connection between your place of work and a sense of fulfilment.  Friendship, social events and group activities in the second half of the month bring a lot of fun and happiness.  This is a dynamic and productive period and you will be intensely energised.  Set your objectives and take the action that you know will get you ahead.  An excellent time to move forward with a project, however, do not rush headlong into making spur of the moment decisions.

Someone could give you the impression that they do not understand where you are coming from or perhaps that they do not appreciate you enough.  This person is likely to have a good rapport on the intellectual level and you will be able to sort out emotional unrest in this way.  After 15th April relationships will become much warmer with excellent communication between you.  Your work will become more efficient and this is a good time for research and investigations. 

Spring is in the air, bringing with it, a longing to broaden your horizons, whether it be a romantic trip that is on the cards or a magical mystery tour.  A decision is likely to be made around 5th April due to a new situation that has taken place within a current relationship.  New contracts may appear or you may make a commitment of some kind.  You could get involved in activities that bring many people of a similar mind together and collectively you begin a project. 

An interaction with another is likely to have a strong impact on you, there will be no room for a middle way, it will either be black or white.  You will feel the need of course to clarify, get to the core, make a decision and take action.  After 15th April the emotions will calm down and there will be an emphasis on reason and communication.  You will stand out by your talent or performance and you will find that you are rich in accomplishments.  After 21st there is a promise of important events. 

There is likely to be an appetite this spring for conquests and affairs.  Love, tenderness and a good understanding of your partner if you are in a relationship will allow you to fully nurture each other.  This is a hardworking time and you could find that you are overloaded with work and will encounter various challenges along the way that may demand a lot of physical effort.  However, this is counteracted, with a helping hand from Mars to provide you with speed and efficiency so that you see visible progress with your projects. 

Doing crazy things in the name of love is not something that is associated with you but this is a time where you have no inhibitions.  Romantic enthusiasm will give you an amazing bout of courage.  Under such auspices, love can take you by surprise anywhere, anytime.  April gives you a great capacity for expression and creatively your artistic talents bring attention.  Children will benefit from your productive impulse and this is a good moment for renewing initiatives to forge ahead with projects in the home. 

If you are looking for love then it could be on the horizon, in fact, all partnerships have a positive spin to them.  It is possible that you will have to deal with a situation related to your family and it is important not to react in the moment but to take the time to think it through.  Patience is the key.  Teamwork and organisational or philanthropic activities bring a lot of pleasure and recognition.  Money will come as fast as it will go this month.  Take time to relax as your nervous system may be under some pressure. 

Communication and information are strongly highlighted and you are drawn to intelligent, open, talkative people, from whom you can learn a lot and share impressions.  The passion that you express yourself with brings a force to share ideas - be aware though of making rash statements that you cannot back up.  There is development, progress and opportunities this month and you will be inspired, meet lots of people and make plans.  After 20th home and family will come to the foreground and you will wish to consolidate in this area.