Friday, 16 October 2015


It is all in the detail with you right now, usually you run right into a project or relationship and look back and see what you have tripped over later, however, the universe is asking you to be aware of what is under your feet as these will give you important clues and allow you to be ahead of your game this October.  Decisions become easier and issues are set to be resolved especially if you work with others and are able to weave some of their ideas into the grand scheme.   Your love life heats up and reaches a whole new temperature – be careful you don’t get burned.

This is an amorous and romantic time when your sensuality is off the scale and could cloud your judgement.   Venus has joined forces with Mars and Jupiter sending your desire for action, love and growth into the stratosphere.  This is a formidable combination but these energies strategically directed can make this a magical and productive time, fantastic for all creative and artistic pursuits and giving you a phenomenal power of personal expression.  It may be wise to take up an activity that gets your muscles working and use this time to get yourself in good shape.

What a resourceful time this is for you as Saturn’s restrictive effects are taken off leaving you feeling light hearted with more energy at your disposal.  Chance opportunities are likely to happen when you put the effort in to your chosen purpose.  Advertising, presenting or property is highlighted and you may make money from these areas, although you would probably prefer to work from home at this time.  This is an active month where you have a lot more stamina but are still prone to distractions, therefore, set your goals and work towards them and then you will accomplish everything you set out to do. 

To know, to dare, to will is the energy around for you this Fall, positive and initiatory energy springs forth relieving tensions and leaving insularism behind.  If you want to change something or take an important step with regard to your relationship, this is the time, as established relationships could be reinvigorated.  Issues that have been stagnant and holding you back can now be solved as your greatest aid is your mental force at this time.  Travel and meeting new people will give you the spark you need to embark enthusiastically into an endeavour.  You have the ability to negotiate effectively; however, there is a restless energy within that could lead to irritability and impatience on your part.

This is not the moment to take risks especially uncalculated ones, in fact, you flourish walking the middle path and not rearing off to extremes this Fall as you do not have as much stamina as usual.  Having a relationship with a partner in your life is important to you right now even if the initial spark has gone.  You will want some form of permanence and commitment to form a much longed for foundation where you are able to ‘share’ your life experiences.  Financially you could do very well as long as you do not take risks and avoid overdoing things.   Take time to revitalise, rejuvenate and contemplate.

You exude strength and confidence right now and if you have something important to say, you will not hesitate to shout from the mountain tops and let your voice be heard.  Bold initiatives and taking on grand scale projects and ideas is not unlikely, however, if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is, so make sure you look into things with a sharp eye.  Within your career there is professional potential that could bring remarkable results and financial reward.  Love and sensuality has your primary instincts fired up and you will be full of ‘heat’ especially for the month of October when Mars waves his magic wand in your direction. 

A time for you to shine and stand out Libra, when we find you in a quick witted, crafty and agile mood.  In fact anything that requires you to contribute to it intellectually will be a success.  Naturally rising towards leadership position in any group affairs your organisational abilities are second to none.  Money may come from undisclosed sources or you may dip into one of your secret pots.  Relationships reach a level of fulfillment although they come with some sort of restriction or boundary attached, it could be forbidden love, or distance is between you for a period.  This is a great time for any type of study or writing.

You ask a lot from yourself in October and tend to push hard to achieve the results that you desire.  This can make you quite tense and uptight towards others as your focus is undiminished from the task at hand.   You will also have immense support around you from loved ones and admirers who will encourage you to stay the course.  By the beginning of November we see you in a more passionate and dynamic frame of mind when socialising and fun come into the fray.   If you need help with anything unexpected, or if something comes out of the blue that you were not prepared for this month then do not hesitate to ask others for help – they will be only too willing to help.

Mid October is likely to begin for you with a revelation or from reaching a conclusion or solution that will have a great impact on your future.  If you are single you could meet someone that has an intense and yet magnetic effect over you.  Opportunities on the work front will present themselves and you will have to move fast to capitalise upon their influence and make the best of the situation.  Collaborations and profitable contracts are highlighted, although you may have to move fast, at the same time it is important to read any contracts thoroughly or get them checked out by a third party before signing. 

This has been a tumultuous Summer for Capricorns and you will be pleased to know that you are headed for a quieter and more tranquil Fall.  A time of reflection is in order when instead of taking action you rest on your laurels for a while and contemplate upon the bigger picture.  You may become interested in the psychology of your partner or share with them in a new way.  A romantic trip could be on the horizon of some distance or this could indicate a long distance relationship.  A situation becomes clarified and this allows you to rest assured that you are on the right path.  If you find yourself reacting negatively to a situation - count to 10 and take a step back from the issue before answering.  

There is something that is fuelling your inner rocket making you determined to cut to the heart of the matter this Fall.  You want the truth and you are determined to find it.  You have great physical endurance at the moment at that will continue as long as you do not give in to a tendency towards anxiety, restlessness or over-thinking.  Horizons and new frontiers are likely to open up and you may be interested in studying a new subject that gives you a platform for ‘thinking outside of the box’.  You may encounter events related to third party borrowing or a gift from a third party (banks or financial institutions or an inheritance.)

Treat yourself with kindness, give yourself the space you need as and when you need it.  You will benefit from quiet moments of reflection as this is when you will not only find inspiration but it will also allow you to regain your energy levels.  This is a busy time for you and team efforts will be needed if you aspire to take on too much.  Success and material benefits will come from collaboration with others and socialising will benefit you.  This is not the time to take risks but to create, to plan, to imagine and to set the scene for a strong foundation that will weather the months ahead.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mercury goes direct!

Mercury finally goes direct on October 9, 2015.  That means that anything that has been on hold or delayed will finally gain traction and begin to move forward.  So if you have been waiting to launch new projects, or sign a contract, make a major purchase or even organise travel then the time is ripe.   

Whilst Mercury has been in retrograde it would have enabled a forced time-out from business as usual.  This would have actually served an important purpose: giving an opportunity to review, reconsider and redo aspects of life that were sorely in need of re-evaluation.