Monday, 11 June 2012


You are starting to see with crystal clarity the wants and needs of others and this in turn allows you to seize opportunities as they arise.  Turning dreams into reality is what this period for you is all about if you are willing to put in the effort.  You will get back exactly the amount of effort you put into things, however, you are in a position right now to take something of importance to a higher level of expression.  An exchange or meeting could influence you greatly. 

The things in your life that you value most, including your finances are prominent this week.  A slate may have to be wiped clean so that you can move ahead with ease and all that needs attending to will be singing at you.  Take the time to listen to others as the more silent you are the more others will open up and reveal their inner nature.  This is your time still Taurus and you are on the rise so be confident in your abilities and don’t let anyone turn your mood negative.

Your life is set to expand life never before, so finish all that needs finishing as Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system has just entered your sign. You could feel an overwhelming rush of abundance coming your way.  Regardless of your situation there will be a relief in some area of your life that has caused you stress.  Rise above all reasons and excuses and you will be unstoppable, an adventure could be calling you and this is all to do with expanding your personal wealth.

Your outer experience is changing to reflect a more peaceful existence and you may commit to live your life differently.  Shaking off all self-doubt along with an old self-defeating emotion will allow you to rise and shine.  Expect the unexpected and remain cool and calm regardless of what may be going on around you.  Try out new ideas as they are likely to pop into your head out of the blue and there could be a stroke of genius in their simplicity.  

A whole different perspective on the way you view your life comes over you this week and this can lead you towards travel. Things are changing and there is liberation to be found around the corner.  You will naturally be attracting those that you desire - whether people or things.  Helping others that need your support in some way gives you a lot of pleasure.  By the weekend expect to be popular with social invites and opportunities for fun coming your way.

Take the lead this week no matter what happens, be brave and get out there, this is not the time to wait to see what others will do.  Even if you have to put your heart on the line it is better to know the truth than to not.  Courageously you make your way up the mountain of life and every step requires some sort of risk.  Taking risks can make you feel vulnerable but in that space you find your inner strength.  Ride these waves and you will soon find yourself on tropical shores.
All the indecision that has troubled you in the past is leaving you and in its place is clear intention, passion and a sense of direction.  Faith and optimism are creeping back into your world.  Events happening are likely to bring out the passion from deep within you and you could get fired up quite easily wanting to get right to the heart of the matter.  This is no time to be static, get up and keep busy, utilise these moments to get on with achieving great things.

If you are involved then there are important changes occurring within your close relationships, you may be playing back the entire history of it as though watching a movie in your mind, reliving the good and the bad scenes.  There are things to forgive on both sides but once these are put to rest a final commitment is likely - one that puts total trust in the other.  Take some time to relax down, it is what you need, but you can find it quite hard to do.

There is about to be an about turn for you, wherever things have gone wrong they will have a way of going right and significantly improving.  You could even be attracted to someone who is a natural fit for you or if committed your existing relationship is likely to grow and improve.  Be true to yourself and do not be tempted to be drawn into another’s battle this week, also double check all the facts and you can’t go wrong. 

We can’t change the past Capricorn but what we can change is our attachment to certain emotions that we hold onto.  You are entering a brand new chapter that is giving you love and support, surrounded by those you can depend upon.  This week you are on a creative high and you need to remind yourself that life is for living now, it is time to enjoy yourself and let your creative energies dance free, others will find this dynamic new you infectious.

Why try to fit in Aquarius when you of all signs were born to stand out?  You walk in the world in your own way as you would rather remain independent instead of conforming to the masses.    Usually, ahead of your time, you bring the future into our minds.  You could have a second chance of shining; an opportunity begun in the past, but not taken up, is likely to resurface.   What might have seem lost before, now becomes realistic.   

Anything is possible right now Pisces, nothing is too great or too big.  Something could materialise in your financial arena, however, it will probably be in conjunction with another story or party.  Communication is key this week, speak up and share ideas with others, a whole barrage of understanding and solutions will come flooding back.  Rise above your fears, you have come a long way lately and there is no turning back, it is up all the way now.

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